You are looking for the perfect yacht charter vacation for the upcoming summer. After browsing through many beautiful, elegant yachts with jacuzzies and luxury lounges on deck, you stumble upon a catamaran. The catamaran rentals with their spacious rooms and unique look, have you intrigued. Maybe this will be the final puzzle piece to complete your ideal yacht vacation?So whether you are thinking about catamaran rental bahamas, catamaran rental caribbean, or catamaran rental anywhere in the world – read on to learn more!

Our experts here at 212 Yachts have put together the main benefits of catamaran rentals to help you with the decision. Here are 5 reasons why you should book a luxury catamaran rental this season.


1. Increased Comfort

The two hulls of a catamaran, as opposed to the single hull of a yacht, provide a huge improvement in the stability of the vessel. These boats are perfect for first time charters as the reduced swaying of the catamaran can greatly improve the overall enjoyment of the catamaran rental. You no longer have to worry about the safety of kids, or even adults after a few drinks, as the yacht sways back and forth over the precarious sea.

The wider beam, also means more living space, cabins, and common areas. The boat is therefore ideal for large groups or families. You can share this amazing adventure with friends and family without the area feeling crowded. Your luxury catamaran frees you from the pressures of being too close together for too long, also saving you from many disagreements.

Your catamaran rental eliminates the sea sickness and safety risks, whilst adding to the space and comfort of the guests. A real fairy tale scenario.


2. Catamaran Rental: The Eco-friendlier Option

We are all becoming more and more eco-conscious every day. When and where possible, we want to choose the options that will least harm our environment. With a catamaran you can relax and enjoy the well-deserved luxury, leaving any environmental concerns behind.

Firstly, catamarans are simply built to be more efficient. Their intelligent design means faster cruising with less fuel consumption. Producing less emissions than yachts, makes these vessels less harmful to the environment.

Additionally, your catamaran rental has fewer direct effects on the marine life. Its two hulls being an advantage again, in reduced wave-making. Less wave-making means your catamaran charter causes less disturbance to sea life. This can also be a great benefit when hoping for a lively underwater scene when snorkelling or diving.

Hence, booking a catamaran rental allows you to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the open sea while being consistent in your values.

3. Enjoy your Catamaran Charter Actively

The build and entire concept of catamarans makes them perfect for an active holiday, involving plenty of water sports. The spacious deck is ideal for setting up water toys and having fun in the refreshing sea. You can anticipate anything from snorkelling equipment to water skiis, on board your private catamaran rental. This is the ideal boat to charter when looking to simply have fun.

Furthermore, catamarans have a shallow draft, which allows them to get closer to the shore or anchor in shallower waters than monohull boats. This is yet another advantage of the vessel’s clever structure. Get closer to captivating coasts and get a fresh perspective on the beauties of the seaside.  Discover secluded coves and beaches easily and explore to your heart’s content. Perhaps a catamaran on the French Riviera peeks your interest? Check out the beautiful Catamaran Solana.


4. Catamaran Rental: a Favourite amongst Sailing Enthusiasts

Catamarans’ speed and manoeuvrability makes them an obvious favourite for sailing fans. Thanks to their unique design, these boats are generally faster. Their two hulls create a larger surface for the sails to catch wind allowing for swifter sailing, even in mild winds. Another factor is the reduced drag of the hulls in the water.

Your catamaran rental can also ensure smoother and easier manoeuvrability. This is achieved through its twin engines and rudders. Both enabling precise control over the direction and speed of the luxury boat. This can be extremely useful in tighter spaces like marinas or when dealing with stronger winds. Ultimately, all of these lead sailors to a high speed whilst maintaining comfort and a high level of control. This is of interest to many sailing lovers, beginner or professional, looking to enjoy a yacht charter vacation.


5. Incredible and Unique Experience

A catamaran rental is an amazing and unforgettable experience. The scenery and adventure are completed with a fantastic opportunity for socialising. Bonding with family and friends really comes naturally when renting a catamaran. This type of luxury charter provides spacious decks and delightful accommodation, an ideal environment for large groups. Have drinks and lunches together on board your exclusive, private catamaran whilst surrounded by a sea of possibilities, quite literally.

From sailing enthusiasts to eco-conscience guests, or simply those looking for safety and stability, catamaran rentals prove to be an ideal option for many. Explore remote islands, swim in the crystal-clear waters, lounge on the deck or discover underwater wonders. Your catamaran rental is an efficient and fun way to escape everyday life.

To discover the comfort and elegance of these luxury boats get in contact to start booking your catamaran rental for this summer. Wherever it is you are planning your luxury vacation, our experts at 212 yachts will ensure to find the best catamaran rental for you.


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