Charter a VanDutch 40 on the French Riviera


It’s no secret that here at 212 Yachts, we simply revere the VanDutch 40. And in our recent blog post outlining some of our favorite luxury superyacht tenders, the VanDutch featured heavily, and for good reason. It’s her breathtaking appearance and masterful engineering, considerable comfort and profound versatility that make the VanDutch 40 stand out from the crowd. She truly is a laudable piece of naval engineering. To charter a VanDutch 40 on The French Riviera is a special experience

Ingeniously, all exterior fittings are concealed within the deck, ensuring that the aesthetic is immaculately preserved. The result is a timeless design, looking satisfactorily classic while simultaneously achieving a simply unparalleled beauty

From Elegance to Ingenuity – The VanDutch 40 Has It All


The VanDutch 40’s beauty is timeless, with her fluid lines and seamless exterior, she boasts an effortless grace and perfection. Ingeniously, all exterior fittings are concealed within the deck, ensuring that the aesthetic is immaculately preserved. Artisan Frank Mulder’s design is truly distinctive, embracing the finesse that defines the French Riviera. The eloquently curved windscreen adds to the streamlined appearance of the exterior. Also, the interior maintains the theme of minimalistic design, and the on-board seating is impeccably appointed to open up the space for entertaining.

The VanDutch 40 is an exemplar of contemporary design. Mulder’s meticulous design ensures that the performance capabilities of the 40 are every bit as impressive as her exterior. With the choice of twin Yanmar or Cummins 480 HP inboard engines, she is terrifyingly quick, reaching top speeds of 40 knots. The choice and placement of the engines results in an advantageous centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution. Bow and stern thrusters coupled with joystick controls make for alarming maneuverability ; The VanDutch 40 is as fun as she is beautiful.


A Superyacht Tender Designed With Your Comfort in Mind


Comfort was at the forefront of Mulder’s mind when designing the VanDutch 40. The underwater exhaust results in an extremely quiet ride. Furthermore, vibration levels are at a minimum thanks to VanDutch’s partnership with a noise and vibration abatement company. The large turning radius is a result of efforts to keep the vessel as flat as possible. Which ensures that spilled drinks do not inconvenience guests.

Seating on-board is designed with luxurious, Silvertex material with quick-drying foam. And the sun-lounger is the ideal place for up to three guests to sprawl in the Mediterranean sun. Below-deck is a surprisingly spacious cabin. Which features a convertible table/double bed allowing it to function as a saloon or cozy cabin. The VanDutch 40 has a full array of details on board for the comfort of guests. Including air conditioning, a bimini, WC, LED floor lighting and iPod docking.

The Master Of All Trades

The VanDutch 40 is a fantastic vessel, and it should be clear now why we hold her in such high regard. Because of the stunning design and performance capabilities, it is a truly versatile boat. She also perfectly fits the needs of superyacht captains who want to wow their guests/owner with the most luxurious superyacht tender available to charter on the Riviera. With her sleek design and attention to comfort ensuring the guests will enjoy a smooth and sumptuous journey to and from their superyacht.

The VanDutch 40 also serves as a fantastic day-boat, offering guests the ability to explore the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean in style and tranquility. Contact 212 Yachts if you wish to enjoy an unforgettable experience at sea. We are proud to have a growing fleet of VanDutch 40s available to charter along the Cote d’Azur, recently announcing the addition of four new VanDutches to the premiere fleet of pristine, luxury superyacht tenders.


charter a vandutch 40 on the french riviera

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