A Revolution in Luxury Superyacht Tender Hire

The 21st century has seen superyachts continue to increase in size, with shipyards competing to build the biggest and most luxurious yacht in the world. Consequently, a new build steals the highly sought-out title of ‘biggest yacht in the world’ every year. With this infatuation with size, it is easy to overlook the fact that luxury and glamour can be found elsewhere in the yachting world, especially within the realm of superyacht tenders.

With 212 Yachts’ superyacht tender hire service, you can find luxurious, pristine and simply stunning tenders to charter on the French Riviera and beyond to suit your every need. For superyacht captains and owners alike, superyacht tender hire should never be overlooked. Coupling design excellence with masterful engineering, ferrying superyacht owners and guests to and from their floating fortresses’ can and should be an unforgettable experience, encompassing luxury and style befitting of the most glamorous superyacht.

A VanDutch Love Affair Above All

Our carefully curated superyacht tender selection is something we are extremely proud of at 212 Yachts, and after a lot of deliberation we have decided that we simply cannot select our favourite one! We do however have an on-going love affair with the VanDutch 40 and Van Dutch 55, which are masterclasses in elegant design. Their gorgeous, fluid lines are guaranteed to turn heads as you gracefully cruise towards your anchored superyacht. Furthermore, your guests are guaranteed a comfortable journey as they lounge on the spacious sun-beds at the aft of the vessel. In conclusion, it is hard to fathom the superb power and maneuverability that a VanDutch boasts.

For the Bold and Adventurous: The Icon Craft

This performance focused build was released in 2019 and has undergone further updates in 2020. She is, consequently. the perfect Superyacht tender for sporty and outgoing guests who have a desire to spend time in the water with a selection of water toys.

The Icon Craft 24 has a storage space for sea bobs and water scooters as well as a built-in platform for jet-skis for an easy, one crew member launch. Furthermore, her soft flooring allows for an easy application of wakeboards and eases your mind as there is no worry about decks being ruined. Lastly, the Icon Craft’s fold down aft section makes this boat one of a kind, therefore it is perfect for entering the water, sunbathing or snorkelling.

All the beauty and Comfort You Deserve in the Pardo

The Pardo 43 is a true contester to the Van Dutch in terms of comfort and a sleek aesthetic. Similarly, this tender is a modern dream of luxury. The Pardo 43 is excellently designed and effectively laid out to provide optimal deck space for guests to move around and enjoy without interfering with the Captain/ Skipper as they manage this proud vessel. Above all, her joystick steering and GPS navigation system makes her a safe and optimal tender to leave the superyacht for an adventure.

With a Wajer Osprey Tender You Can Do No Wrong

Superyacht tender hire discussions simply have to feature the beautiful Wajer Osprey 38. This luxurious tender is the big-brother of the Wajer Osprey 37, which was named Dutch ‘Motorboat of the Year’. The Osprey, Wajer incorporates flawless curves that reflect the glamour of the Riviera, while also scrupulously crafting an engineering masterstroke. The Osprey 38 is powered by a pair of Volvo diesels in addition to a joystick propulsion system. To sum up, the Wajer Osprey 38 serves not only as a work of art, but also as a powerful tender that can be guided with utmost precision. When searching for the perfect superyacht tender hire, you can do no wrong with a Wajer Osprey.

An Option for the Sporting Style Fans

Notable mention must be given to the Goldfish 38 Super Sport, which consistently delivers thrilling experiences to guests and owners. This sporty RIB combines the highest performance levels that we expect from our luxury tenders with comfort and style. Moreover, this ergonomically astounding tender is sure to impress and is the perfect tender for your superyacht tender hire needs.

212 Yachts is extremely excited to provide the French Riviera’s premiere selection of luxury tenders for hire. We continue to strive to expand the selection of superyacht tenders, luxury yachts and motorboats available on the Cote D’Azur. We look forward to serving your superyacht tender hire needs. In conclusion, our portfolio ensures to eliminate the need to compromise on style, comfort and performance.

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Jenny Caird, originally from Ireland, is the founder and CEO of 212 Yachts (and charter expert), applying her passion for customer service, with incredible client satisfaction, to create an ambitious, highly reputable and respected business. Whatever your query is, Jenny offers solutions with a smile. With her motivation and dedication to ensuring the yacht owners and clients 212 Yachts work with are 'wowed', Jenny and her team add the extra degree in yachting.

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