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French riviera yacht charters, luxury motor yachts, crewed vessels, floating hotels, from Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez, and every port in between, get a bespoke selection of luxury yachts for your vacation, designed to suit you.

The French Riviera is the height of luxury and sophistication, with a climate of 300 days of sunshine a year and the elegant 600 mile coastline there’s a reason why it’s the most fashionable destination when it comes to yacht charter. The South of France has much to offer with the popular “jet setter” spots such as the playground for the rich in Monaco, the Glamour in Cannes and the dazzling St Tropez. It also has many hidden treasures, on French Riviera Yacht Charters, why not explore the Cannes Islands and discover the beauty of the Esterel Island, watch the sunset over Iles de Lerins in Antibes or swim in the clear waters of Porquerolles.

''a climate of 300 days of sunshine a year and the elegant 600 mile coastline..''

The Best Time to Charter a Yacht in The French Riviera

The border between France and Italy comprises of 100 miles of the world’s most opulent and exclusive shoreline. This exuberant coastline boasts an impressive 30 ports and over 3000 restaurants. One can’t not be in awe by endless elegance and finesse that come hand-in-hand with super yachts that cruise these coastal waters. This is the rich and famous playground. Nearly everyone, who is anyone, will be seen on board private yacht during the Summer months sailing the Cote d’Azur. This wondrous coastline has become as much a place to been seen as to see!

High Season

The weather of course is extremely important to ensure you can enjoy the breath taking coastline at its best. The French Riviera is famed for having the best weather in France, with mild weather and high temperatures especially during the Summer months of July and August. Although with the beautiful weather comes crowds, if you don’t mind the buzz of crowded streets and populate beaches then this is time time for you!

Low Season

However, if you seek a more peaceful experience, choosing to sail during the mid to low season, May – October promises fewer crowds and also a wider choice of yachts to charter. There is only a small chance of unfavourable weather with temperatures rarely dropping below 16 degrees.The low season does present the possibility that some of the restaurants and shops may close during the off season due to lower levels of visitors.

If you want the best chance of hot weather and don’t mind the crowds – plan your trip for the summer months of July & August. However, keep in mind that visiting the South of France during the  busy season will mean that there is more competition for moorings and marina berths – so you may not have your first choice of where to moor your boat.

'' endless elegance and finesse that come hand-in-hand with super yachts that cruise these coastal waters..''

What Can you Expect from a Yacht Charter in the Cote d’Azure?

The French Riviera for decades has been crowned as the epicentre of luxury motor boating and yachting. The calm turquoise waters, star studded streets and endless sophistication is just the tip of the iceberg as to what you can expect from your private yacht charter in the South of France. The possibility for a yacht charter from the French Riviera are truly endless! And chartering a private luxury yacht is the immense freedom and privacy it gives you. It allows you to explore the spectacular shoreline in all its wondrous glory at your own pace. Sail away from your stresses towards the sun kissed sands of Antibes and buzzing beach clubs of St Tropez!

Various French Riviera Events

The French Riviera’s spectacular shores and seaside towns attract millions of of individuals all year round. With events and festivals almost every other week there is always something to see and experience in this metropolis of sun, sea and sophistication! From corporate events such as Monaco Grand Prix to the infamous Cannes Film Festival, there will always be something to keep you occupied and draw people to this wonderful part of the world.

''The coast is lined with pristine gold sanded beaches that stretch for miles and an array of secluded coves..''

Seaside Villages and Sophisticated Cities

The area of the French Riviera is magnificent no matter what you might be looking for from your private yacht charter you are sure to find it in the South of France. The coast is lined with pristine gold sanded beaches that stretch for miles and an array of secluded coves, offering guests the perfect place for a midday swim or snorkel! Venturing onshore, the area is decorated with a unique array of lazy fishing villages such as Antibes, flaunting winding cobbled streets and steeped in history. Located just a stones throw away from Cannes the epicentre of elegance and opulence. Cruising onward you will be greeted by the electric atmosphere and buzz of the exclusive beach clubs of Pampelonne Beach in St Tropez.

The French Riviera exudes luxury and elegance but still offers guests a myriad of opportunities to escape to the hillside towns bursting with natural beauty and colour, providing peace and quiet, a world away from the spectacular opulence of La Criossette, Cannes. French Riviera Yacht Charters are like no other!

''The French Riviera’s spectacular shores and seaside towns attract millions of of individuals all year round..''

Key Places to Visit


With a rich history that spans over 2,600 years and a unique amalgamation of diverse cultures, Marseille has a lot to offer. Let your jaw drop as you enter the 6th century BC Old Port, surrounded by the ominous walls of Fort Saint-Jean. Exploration of the city promises to offer a pleasant combination of dainty cobbled streets and modern avenues, home to an array of art galleries, boutiques and high-end eateries.


The Porquerolles are an idyllic paradise, gloriously untouched by the invasive hand of modern development. Considered one of the most beautiful yachting destinations in the region, this wonderland is an overwhelming highlight of our French Riviera. Enjoy long white sand beaches and glittering blue waters in absolute silence, with the island wide car prohibition contributing to the air of serenity.

Saint Tropez

No French Riviera yacht guide would be whole without the iconic Saint Tropez. At the pulsating epicentre of the French Riviera’s luxury lifestyle lies Saint Tropez. A world-famous coastal-town, it boasts some of the world’s most exclusive nightclubs, chicest boutiques, delectable restaurants and iconic beaches.


The home of the International Film Festival, Cannes is a marvellous metropolis that elegantly caters to it’s prosperous constituency. The bay offers great anchorages, where you can travel by tender to the many hotel beach clubs along La Croissette. This iconic boulevard is home to a wealth of chic designer boutiques, perfect for selecting a vogue outfit to show off in the famous Baôli restaurant and nightclub, or one of the exclusive casinos. While, the Old Town, where a exudes a romantic ambience through the seductively illuminated streets, clandestine cafés and panoramic views of the town below.

Îles de Lérins

The Îles de Lérins are a small archipelago of 4 islands just a stones throw away from Cannes. These unassuming islands offer a welcome retreat from Cannes’ animated ambiance, with remarkable tranquility thanks to the absence of cars and limited number of tourists that venture to the island.

'' The French Riviera has a wide variation of tranquil fishing villages and sophisticated cities.''


Antibes is the archetypal Mediterranean town. Found here is charming old town, bustling port and delectable eateries. The port’s backdrop is simply astounding, with the substantial stone walls of Fort Carré looming on the horizon in front of the snow capped Alps. Once on-land, wander around the enchanting cobbled alleyways of the Old Town, where weathered wooden shutters and audacious flowers ooze charisma. A stunning place to get lost, every turn reveals chic boutiques, dainty cafés and tranquil squares.


The largest city featured in this French Riviera yacht guide, and one of the largest in France. A city of contrast, Nice magically molds metropolitan living with the chic Riviera lifestyle. The Old Town acts as a portal back in time, where wide avenues lined with department stores are suddenly replaced with meandering cobbled streets, decorated with chic boutiques and charming eateries. A vibrant and lively city, Nice is sure to keep you entertained. It’s wealth of bars and clubs make for an electric nightlife!


This medieval village is perched precariously atop of the bucolic landscape that rolls along the Riviera coastline. Far below the dramatic cliff faces and steep slopes lies a bay dotted with super yachts and sailing boats, ideal as a safe anchorage. Once in the village, get lost among the dreamy, winding streets, lined with tempting boutiques, intriguing art galleries, dainty cafés and seductive perfumeries. Follow the cobbled streets upwards, past intimate town squares that delectably contain the alluring scents from the créperies, to reach the famous exotic gardens at the village’s pinnacle.


The waters around the wealthy micro state, which become a thriving man-made archipelago in the summer months. Annually, the infamous Formula One Grand Prix sets the state alight with the electric ambience that it carries. Undoubtedly the best vantage points for this spectacle are from the water. ! The wealthy state exhibits a delectable selection of fine restaurants and bars, deserved of your culinary review. The district of Monte Carlo is an essential visit, with it’s chic casinos, exclusive bars and countless super cars populating the tight streets.

French Riviera Yacht Charters – The Glorious Cote d’Azur for Day Boat Charters and Luxury Yacht Holidays

The sun kissed shores provide endless opportunities not only to relax but the French Riviera also flaunts an abundance of events throughout the year. French Riviera Yacht Charters allow you to anchor off Monaco and watch the Grand Prix or admire the red carpet in Cannes during the famous Cannes Film Festival and feel like a star. The Cote d’Azur is one the most established destinations when it comes to culture and lifestyle. The provincial restaurants are a must as well as the Picasso museum, he too fell in love with the French Riviera and his work is displayed and celebrated in Antibes. French Riviera Yacht Charters with 212 Yachts provide the extra degree when it comes to yacht charter and boat hire on the French Riviera.

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