There’s a first time for everything, especially some of the best things in life, like yacht charter. Anybody who has ever dreamed of this luxurious vacation, has also wondered on the following question ‘how to charter a yacht’. Being a rather niche market and topic it can be difficult to know how yacht charter works until you decide to jump into the deep end yourself to experience it. Our experts are very aware of the lack of knowledge here. To try make this experience less intimidating we have come up with this guide on how to rent a yacht which leads you through every possible concern regarding superyachts to charter for a holiday.

Why should you use a yacht broker to charter a yacht?

When it comes to chartering a yacht, utilizing the services of a reputable yacht broker is highly recommended. The process of how to book a private yacht is not simple and to go smoothly must be supervised by a professional in the field. Reliable yacht brokers have three main assets to this process:

1- Access to programmes and associations that simplify finding the right yacht fit for you.

2- Connections and relationships with yacht owners and representatives in the tight yachting community.

3- Expertise and experience that makes the complex process of how to charter a yacht a lot less complicated.

What type of yacht should you charter?

Choosing the type of yacht to charter is only one of the biggest questions of choosing your prestigious yacht. Motor yacht or sailing yacht? Catamaran or superyacht? Water toys or comfy lounges? Old fashioned or modern?

The list of things to ask yourself on what is most important to you and your dream yacht vacation is truly endless. You have to consider an array of variables including the number of cabins, desired amenities, style of yacht and so much more.

Being the most important choice when organising your charter, your yacht broker is certain to make this part as easy as possible. Our experts are trained to find tailored options for every single client.

Yachts range in different styles and sizes

It is important that you find the yacht that suits your needs and requirements the best

Which destinations should a beginner charter a yacht to?

When deciding on the ideal destination for your first charter it’s important to consider that you are still experimenting. Merely figuring out what you enjoy and what you would rather avoid on your yacht charter. Therefore, be sure to select destinations that have predictable weather, calm waters, stunning views and a range of activities available. All of these will ensure that you have plenty of room for change as you figure out what is more suited for you and your group.

Popular beginner-friendly destinations include the Amalfi Coast, perhaps you would like to explore the French Riviera or the Greek Islands. With a perfect blend of culture, delicious food, relaxing spots, partying and picturesque coasts, these destinations will provide everything you need to build an unforgettable yacht charter vacation.

Should you charter a fully crewed yacht?

The next question is within the topic of crew. Those who are wondering how to rent a yacht might also be pondering on the crew onboard.

A regular crew on a big yacht includes the captain, chef, stewardesses and deck hands. All charter yachts will have at least a captain and a stewardess/steward. 99% of the time, booking a yacht without a captain, known as bareboat charter, is not allowed due to insurance and damages concerns.

This is for the best interest of the clients also. You have a full private crew of people working on making your vacation absolutely amazing. You board with no responsibilities and a crew determined to keep you delighted during your time on board. Truly the highest level of prestige.

A fully crewed yacht charter will provide an added level of service that will really make the experience unforgettable

Make memories that will last a lifetime

Choose the right people to charter a yacht with

Chartering a yacht is definitely a shared experience. Whether you prefer to spend your yacht charter with your family, friends or colleagues. There will always be someone to share the yacht space with. Considering you are very closely together for a week holiday; you must choose carefully.

Ensure that your guests onboard the luxury yacht share your enthusiasm and enjoyments in this type of a vacation. Yacht charter certainly isn’t for everyone! Everybody should be delighted to be onboard the beautiful vessel. Checking the above with your guests beforehand will help guarantee a harmonious and enjoyable luxury yacht charter.

How much will it cost to charter a yacht?

Another major query within the series of questions following ‘how to book a private yacht’ is the usual follow up of ‘how much will it cost’. The scale of yacht charter prices is unbelievably wide. Ranging from small day yacht charters of about 4,000 EUROS right up to the top-notch, luxury superyacht weekly vacations costing millions. This of course depends on amenities, style and size of yacht, duration of the charter and your *APA costs. Your yacht broker will be able to communicate a breakdown of these costs to you. Please remember that it is vital to share your preferred price range to ensure that the broker can find something perfect for the amount you are willing to spend.

*You may ask what is APA?  APA is a cost of about 30-40% of the charter fee attributed to the coverage of any preferences on your yacht vacation. It covers many costs including berth fees, food, alcohol and any other request not already catered for on the yacht.

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