Luxury Tenders and RIBs Guide

A guide to luxury tenders and RIBs. With luxury chase boats and RIBs in all Riviera ports, after hours service and an innate understanding of superyacht service, 212 Yachts are your go to provide tender rentals.

RIBs – Semi-Rigid Hull or Inflatable or Rigid Hulled

Luxury tenders are as diverse in their usability as in the shapes and sizes they can come. Often a semi rigid hull or rigid inflatable boat (RIB) is the preferred option because of its buoyant pontoons that make the luxury tender lightweight and often very fast. These usually consist of inflatable synthetic rubber or plastic sponsons.  Another perk of RIB is the fact that the inflated sides mean that when coming alongside a dock or even another boat there is less risk of damage because the pontoons act as a fender.

Another type of tender is a rigid hulled boat often made from fiberglass, wood, steel or aluminum. These are heavier in comparison.  One final type of tender is a fully inflatable which are rowed, sailed or can support a small outboard engine. Tenders have a range of engines: inboard, outboard and jet. Jet powered tenders have no propeller whereas others use a propeller to direct the boat. Engines run on petrol/gasoline or diesel.

Luxury boats for Leisure

Tenders, although primarily used for either transporting people or resupplying the mother yacht, also can be used for leisure. Water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing and scuba diving can all be facilitated off of a tender. An exciting new technology available in the yachting world is to have a personal hovercraft. One that can carry passengers on to the beach and on land as well as at sea. Although not technically a tender it can operate in a very similar manner and is perhaps a more unique option. This is however an uncommon type of ‘tender’ to find in the yachting world.

Although luxury tenders are very popular as family day boats, yachts tend now to have specific garages on board. That’s for the tenders in order to make using the onboard water toys more accessible to the owner/client onboard. These tenders can be lowered into the water by cranes that are built into the yacht. Also they’re cleverly hidden or lowered in by submersible platforms to allow the luxury tender to simply float off the yacht.

A popular style now emerging in the yachting world is to have a water limousine on board. You can find these on the larger yachts but still can offer an interesting spin on how people associate a day out on a tender. Luxury tenders may often be tailored for the use of a yacht. But it also still remains popular for personal use and entertainment as an individual boat in its own right. Regardless of whether or not you wish to use a luxury tender for your yacht or for a day out a luxury tender is an essential to completing whatever endeavors you wish to fulfill on the sea.

Charter luxury yacht tenders from 212 Yachts

212 Yachts offers a range of tenders, ribs, and luxury chase boats to yachts on the Med for both short term and long term rental. We can arrange delivery directly to the yacht. If 212 Yachts do not have exactly what you need, we will locate your ideal tender amongst our extensive network of tender providers. Contact 212 Yachts now with your rib, luxury tender or chase boat request. We look forward to working with you and finding you the best solution for your yacht, your owner and your guests.

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