Yachting and sailing holidays attract sea lovers all around the world, for the fact that they offer untold luxury and adventure. You get the opportunity to float in serenity and see the mainland from afar, discover beautiful beaches and visit coastal towns as well. Allow us to do the hard work so that you can kick back and trust that everything is being taken care of. We will help you to select the ideal yacht charter for you and travel companions, with the perfect mix of discovery and relaxation. Lets put together a yacht charter checklist to ensure that everything goes off without hitch.

Location Location Location?

If it is your first time to sail, however, you’ll likely need a guide to help you prepare. Therefore we’ve created the perfect yacht charter checklist to help you prepare for a luxurious and care free vacation. Choosing your charter destination is the first thing you need to do. By planning where you want to spend your yacht charter holiday you can easily come up with an itinerary and budget for the trip. Are you sailing together with your family? Friends? A special someone? It’s very important to know your numbers in order to determine your overall budget, things to bring, the number of crew members to request, and activities to do while on board.


How many people are going with you? Wining and dining have never been more enjoyable and magical.

The Right Charter Provider?

Having chosen your destination and companions, the next step is to find the right yacht charter broker. You will want to choose a broker that is experienced around the world and puts your needs first. Here at 212 we have a knowledgeable team, skilled captains and crew, and abide by all the national and international standards set for the maritime industry. Most of all, you have to choose a yacht company that offers flexible destination packages for you to fully enjoy your yacht charter holiday with leisure and pleasure.

Pack Like A Pro

Your visa, passport, and other entry requirements are just a few of the things that you must bring. Aside from these, you need to check your converted cash, ATM card, and travel documents. Including transfer passes, driver’s license, and insurance certificates. Make sure to make your own checklist for all your documents and coordinate with your foreign affairs office before travelling.

Packing more than necessary is something a lot of people do when they travel. If you are going on a sailing holiday, simply pack your clothes according to the weather. And then place them in a duffel bag to make the luggage easy to stack and carry. You can add some sandals and shoes for a stroll along the white sand beaches of the Bahamas or the stone-walled towns of Italy. Also, don’t forget to bring your prescription medicine (if there is any) and first aid kit for unforeseen medical emergencies.

Most yacht charters come with all the necessities and skilled crew to make your trip comfortable and safe. So there’s really no need to bring bed linens, blankets, navigation devices, and books. Unless the trip is intended as a party, you can skip on the party clothes and jewellery as well.


What documents do I need to bring? What every traveller must bring along for a smooth, problem-free trip.


Enjoy an Awesome Sailing Experience with 212 Yachts!

When choosing your partner in sailing and a yacht charter holiday, you must look into the values of your provider. Search for the one that has built a reputation in the industry and has continuously grown its business with honesty, transparency, and quality.

At 212 Yachts we assure you of quality and honest service because this is how we serve our customers. We provide you with the ultimate yacht charter checklist and limitless possibilities to cruise around East Asia, Indian Ocean, West Coast of America, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South Pacific, Bahamas, Florida, and other cruising areas around the globe.

With a strong line of connections and suppliers we can provide you with the best yachts, motor boats, yacht tenders, and other sailing vessels. You can be assured that you will be guided accordingly by our professional customer representatives and agents. Whatever destination and yacht charter packages you desire, just give us a call or visit our Contact Us page and learn how you can enjoy our world-class bespoke yacht charter services!

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