Superyacht holidays provide guests the opportunity to explore exotic destinations, indulge in world-class cuisine, and relax in the privacy and comfort of a personal yacht. But what is the best way to prepare for this private, luxury vacation?

Chartering a superyacht for the first time? Perhaps your previous vacations on the water took place on the smaller luxury yachts but this year an upgrade was required. Whatever it is that has led you to charter a superyacht an important note is to familiarise yourself with the etiquette on board this spacious, exclusive yacht. To help first-time guests navigate with ease, here is a list of what is and isn’t acceptable on board your luxury yacht. The following do’s and dont’s are specifically tailored to superyacht vacations.

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What to Do on-board your Exclusive Superyacht Charter?

Do: Communicating with your Superyacht Crew during Superyacht Holidays

As with any bigger charter, a few months or weeks before you head out onto the crystal-clear waters of your dream destination, you will be asked to fill out a detailed preference sheet. You can detail any requests for the luxury charter including dietary restrictions or key needs on this document. This way the crew can be well prepared for your vacation on the superyacht.

Your yacht crew is there to make your superyacht experience as pleasurable and smooth as possible. Being in constant contact with the crew when onboard results in the ideal combination of your ideas and the crew’s experience. Together you can alter the itinerary whilst onboard your superyacht to make the most out of your exclusive vacation.

Do: Treat the Superyacht with Care

A superyacht is a luxury vessel filled with exceptional quality furnishing and décor. It’s therefore vital to treat it with respect. Keep your shoes off, especially heels, to avoid damaging the expensive flooring of your yacht. Treat your private superyacht with the respect you would treat your own home, so no red wine spillages allowed!

Do: Pack accordingly for a Luxury Charter

Your Superyacht charter might be dressier or more casual than anticipated. Our advice would be to pack some of your fancier pieces, especially for formal dining. At the end of the day, you are on your own private, superyacht vacation. You can dress as extravagantly as you wish. There is no better occasion to dust off that crazy dress that you never had an opportunity to wear.

What Not to Do on you Luxury Superyacht Holiday?

Don’t: Overpack for Superyacht Holidays

While it’s tempting to bring a huge selection of clothes for every possible outcome, it’s important to pack wisely. Despite being bigger than an ordinary luxury yacht, space on board your superyacht charter is still limited, especially if there’s a lot of guests. Huge, overflowing suitcases will be nothing more than an inconvenience. So no last-minute packing! Instead, prepare and plan out exactly what you need according to your itinerary and plans.

Don’t: Be Late

After months of planning out your perfect superyacht charter itinerary, timing really is everything. Be sure to arrive on time for scheduled activities, meals, and departures. Your crew will work hard to find a schedule that maximizes your time in each destination. Therefore, it is vital to be punctual and respectful of this plan. If you want the charter to be more laid-back, simply let the crew know beforehand so they can clear some of the more trivial activities off the schedule.

Don’t: Forget to Tip your Superyacht crew during Superyacht Holidays

An important way to show gratefulness for your crew’s hard work and commitment, is through tipping. This is a standard practice, especially onboard superyachts and during superyacht holidays. The customary tipping amount is typically around 10-15% of the charter cost. Naturally this can be adjusted considering your own experience with the crew. Perhaps you will be remarkably impressed by your crew’s devotion to make your superyacht charter vacation one of a kind.

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In conclusion, following proper etiquette on board your superyacht is vital for creating the most wonderful time on the water and to make the most out of what superyacht holidays have to offer. A superyacht charter is truly an unforgettable experience, however to make it so, it is essential to communicate with your crew,  pack appropriately and wisely, be punctual, and reward the crew when deserved.

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