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See what superyacht tenders are available to rent now – our luxury chase boats for rent are located from Monaco – Saint Tropez, and most ports in between. We have a large selection of luxury motor boats and chase boats in the bay of Cannes.

Superyacht tenders break down, and the delay to get a replacement part or skilled engineer can be itinerary threatening. Thankfully, 212 Yachts are here to help! 212 Yachts is your Number 1 agent for sourcing tenders for rent from every port on the French Riviera, ranging in size and price, from €400 – €4000 per day. We work with our clients to source a tender to suit their needs, whatever they may be. Here are our featured tender recommendations – a taste of which tenders have been chartered the most the last month.

The Luxury Superyacht Tenders Designed to Impress

We were super busy in the month of May with the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival, with many super yachts needing luxury tenders for VIP guests, to get them to and from the yacht. They had to be tenders with great manoeuvrability capabilities to get around in style and ease. We also had panicked Captains, with broken RIBs, who had guests arriving within hours, but no possible way to get them onto the yacht. This is unfortunately a frequent occurrence, and 212 Yachts is delighted to report that we successfully found a solution for each yacht, ensuring crew could get on with their jobs and guests had a tender at their disposal.

Here are our favourites:

Pirelli Pzero 1100 – luxury superyacht tender

Top of the range in every regard, the Pirelli Pzero 1100 is a sleek and versatile boat designed to accommodate those looking for an exciting experience, providing remarkably high performance levels without negotiating on comfort. Its beautiful design has made it a popular choice as a tender for luxury super yachts, whilst also being a great standalone vessel for day charters on the Riviera.

Aquariva 33

This gorgeous boat is an absolute classic, and has made RIVA an iconic brand. It is not one for top speeds nor for carrying lots of people at once, but it is timelessly beautiful. A wonderful day rental choice for a romantic couple and an equally impressive ‘looker’ for smaller groups who need a stylish tender to get to and from the main yacht. For 1800€ a day (including VAT), it also features a cabin, if you desire a bit of privacy.

Wajer and Wajer Osprey 38 for charter

This is no ordinary tender, and will undoubtedly turn heads with its James Bond-esque features. This is a solid motor boat, with beautiful teak and mahogany, and with leather and aluminium interiors. A completely unique feature is the Volvea engine, which is controlled with joy sticks, making the Osprey incredibly capable of tight manoeuvres, where other luxury tenders fail.  This luxury tender is an ideal choice for whisking guests around in top comfort and style. The Osprey charters from €2500 per day (plus VAT and expenses), and is an economic choice when it comes to fuel expenditure. We love it and so do our clients!

VanDutch 40 for rent

This is one of our favourite luxury superyacht tenders and day boats for many reasons. The elegant design is like nothing you will have seen before, and deceptively features a large cabin (definitely suitable for partying!). She is ideal as a stylish tender to a yacht, due to how spacious and attractive she is, but also makes for a great day boat. Ideal for a group to explore any coastline on a day trip. With a top speed of 48 knots, we rent the VanDutch 40 motor boat at 2500€ per day (plus expenses). So for something that turns heads on the water, it’s definitely worth a look.

Superyacht RIBs with Functionality in Mind

Sometimes, you don’t need anything fancy or flashy – you just want a nice little tender to zip around in. Not a problem, we have plenty of these too (aprox 100 all over the Riviera)! These are our recommendations:

Zodiac for rent

This trusty and reliable tender is a popular choice to go alongside a main yacht. We have them ranging in size from 5 metres to 9 metres, and available from San Remo to St Tropez. Costs start from 290€ per day, depending on size and season, making it a very economic choice.

Seawater 250

This tender is based in St Tropez, and is a stylish and versatile option. This 7.8 metre boat can transport 12 guests, and has recently proved more than suitable as a tender for guests on a 40 metre yacht. Prices start from 600€ for the day, or 3000€ for the week.

Nuova Jolly King 720

We have recently rented this lovely tender for a full month to go with a 60 metre yacht. She is perfect for getting out on the water, with a bimini to shelter you from the sun, if desired. Innovatively designed, this 7.2 metre tender can take up to 10 guests comfortably. Available from Golfe Juan (but we can deliver to any port on the French Riviera), and prices start at 500€ per day.

212 Yachts has access to these, plus many more luxury and ‘everyday’ superyacht tenders, varying in size from 5 – 16 metres and all available for day or long term rentals, with or without skipper. We can even deliver the tender directly to you. So if you’re ever in need, do not hesitate to contact us!

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