As the evenings become brighter and sunglasses replace woolly hats, attention turns to this summer’s exotic getaway. Every year, insightful adventurers flock to the French Riviera. Saliently smug that they contacted 212 Yachts and opted for the perfect Mediterranean yacht holiday. Since the 1920s, the Riviera has captivated the American audience. It’s hard to decipher whether it is the medley of opulent towns and charming villages in the sprawling hills along the coastline, the inimitable fusion of cultures or the enthralling history of the region that makes it oh-so hard to leave, but we believe it’s a delicious combination of them all that makes the French Riviera a yachting utopia.

A Mediterranean Yacht Holiday Itinerary Without Heartbreak

While most first time visitors to the French Riviera will know of the acclaimed strongholds of the world’s affluent elite such as Monaco and Saint Tropez, it is often a surprise and a source of great pleasure to realize just how tantalizingly close these alluring attractions are. A three-hour meander East from Saint Tropez will bring the glamorous sight of Monte Carlo’s towering hotels and elegant casinos into view.

The Unsurpassed Beauty of the Riviera coastline

The coastline between these affluent havens boats a wealth of treasures. Ranging from charming, sleepy villages with their winding cobbled paths, bustling metropolitan hubs that ooze of the glamour and finesse that the area has become renowned for, magical islands and secluded beaches where you can unwind in the most tranquil of environments. When scrutinizing maps and tirelessly browsing attraction reviews, helplessly falling in love with each one more than the last, you can find solace in the fact that a Mediterranean itinerary doesn’t call for the sacrifice and heartbreaking compromise that you may be used to.

For the more adventurous among us, the French Riviera serves as a springboard for reaching a wealth of foreign soils. Within four hours of departing Cannes or it’s neighboring ports, you could be frolicking in the immaculate crystal waters of the enchanting island of Corsica. If you are able to resist the disarming sight of untouched golden sand twinkling in the tender heat of the sun, and the urge to explore the charming towns impossibly resting on the edge of sheer cliff face, then you will reach the island of Sardinia. A stunning landscape seemingly unblemished by the pernicious hand of man. The Italian Riviera often entices guests. With promises of delectable gastronomy and the unforgettable beauty of the Cinque Terre fishing havens. A trip to the French Riviera knows no bounds.

An Infusion of Culinary Delights

The result of this remarkable medley of towns, villages and exotic foreign soils immaculately appointed along this enchanting coastline is a succulent fusion of food cultures to relish in. Such an amalgamation is found in few other places around the globe. And makes for a truly eye-opening and delectable culinary journey. A voyage along the Riviera alone infuses a diverse repertoire of culinary delights. With the region proudly boasting some of the finest restaurants in the world. Elegantly resting on the Cap d’Antibes, Hotel Eden Rock offers the opportunity to relish in the culinary genius of Master Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. An absolute haven for foodies. This theme of world class dining permeates the Riviera. With the world-renowned Michelin-star restaurant at the Grand-Hôtel du Cap Ferrat being a true highlight. Showcasing the best of Mediterranean cuisine (along with a simply spectacular wine collection to compliment your divine dish).

To enjoy a magical medley of godly gastronomy while soaking in panoramic views of the glistening Med and the rolling hills that virtuously shelter the lavish superyachts resting below, La Chévre D’Or found in the charming town of Eze is an absolute must. Further afield, for those who embark on the mesmerizing journey to Sardinia, the pilgrimage Rocco Lannone’s kitchen at the Forte Gourmet Restaurant often proves irresistible. The Italian Riviera is also dotted with restaurants that exude exotic aromas and perfectly present local delicacies. With such a unique amalgamation of gastronomical cultures, a Mediterranean yachting holiday is sure to leave your taste buds tingling.

Stare adoringly at the walls of Picasso’s residence, now harmoniously decorated with some of his finest works, or trace the steps of Coco Channel in the Mediterranean haven of Saint Tropez

A Riviera Romance-the Commonality Between Coco Chanel and Nietzsche

A Mediterranean yacht holiday will expose you to a wealth of history that is inconceivably rich and diverse. Meander around softly crumbling Roman ruins on the Lérin Islands. Also saunter through the winding cobbled streets that snake their way up Le Suquet in Cannes. And walk along the immaculately preserved walls of Antibes constructed in the 10th century to keep Barbarian tribes at bay. Or follow the footsteps of Nietzsche in Eze. The town that inspired the words ‘many hidden corners and quiet heights in the landscape of Nice were sanctified for me by unforgettable moments’.

Stare adoringly at the walls of Picasso’s residence. Now harmoniously decorated with some of his finest works. Or trace the steps of Coco Channel in the Mediterranean haven of Saint Tropez. Visit the landing sites of selfless American troops in 1944, as Operation Dragoon saw the Allies liberate this beautiful paradise. Or seek tranquility in the gardens of the Rothschild Villa at St. Jean-Cap-Ferrat. A Mediterranean yacht holiday truly allows you to travel back in time. With every port and every building, no matter how grandiose, eloquently clutching a historical tale. Patiently waiting to share its tale with the world.

Experiencing a Mediterranean yacht holiday allows you to savor the luscious taste of luxury. Offering a magnificent medley of delectable cuisine and wines, rich history and the ability to effortlessly explore the diversity of Mediterranean culture. Cure those winter woes and follow your heart to the Mediterranean. 212 Yachts have the perfect luxury superyacht for a Mediterranean yacht holiday or motorboat awaiting your command.

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