Are you a first time traveler looking to charter a yacht? Or even a well versed voyager looking for some simple tips and tricks? Well you have come to the right place. The most important part of our job as yacht charter brokers is making sure that you, the client, have the best possible yacht charter experience! In order to make that possible, here are 5 quick and easy travel hacks to help make your charter a success!


 1. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Preparation is key for all aspects of travel, but especially while on board a yacht. Nobody wants to have an ‘aww man’ moment when they realize that they’ve forgotten to pack their toothbrush or their lucky pair of underpants. Therefore, (more so for the male population, no offense) it is important to have a packing checklist in advance. You can check things off as you pack them and ensure all things are taken care of.

A few extras I recommend on bringing are:

  • A Ziploc Bag – If you’re planning on doing a lot of water based activities, a Ziploc bag is your best friend. For throwing in your wet swimming togs to go to brunch after a quick morning swim, or making sure your phone and sunglasses don’t get sandy as you sunbathe on the beach, a Ziploc bag does it all.
  • A waterproof phone case – Much like the Ziploc bag, the right phone case can be crucial for your charter. It allows you to record exciting videos underwater, capture incredible sea views atop your jet ski, or give you peace of mind if your phone decides to deep dive into the sea out of your pocket.
  • Documentation – Passports, travel insurance, any important contracts and medical information are also important travel buddies to bring with you. These can be stowed away in the safety of your cabin and may not be needed, but it is better to be safe than sorry!


2. Try Something New on Your Charter

Whether you are planning on going to a new charter destination, or experiencing some unique and rare cuisine, trying something new can allow even the smallest of bucket list items to be ticked off.

If peace, quiet, and relaxation are what you are after, trying something new does not have to exert too much effort. Reading a new book or listening to a new podcast is always a nice way to unwind. Or if activity based relaxation is more to your taste, trying a new guided meditation or a yoga session can help to relax the body and allow for presence of the mind, all from the comfort of your yacht.

The selection of water toys onboard also allow for the opportunity to try out new things. Hop on board a jet skis and paddle boards, zoom around on a sea bob, or give wake boarding a go! The possibilities are endless.


3. Learn to say ‘Hello’

While travelling across the globe on a yacht charter , people can sometimes underestimate the power of learning the local language, and how important it is to understand and share one another’s cultures. Much like Adele, saying hello can have a big impact on people. Of course, hello is only a starting point and travelling to new destinations can be an excellent opportunity to improve on your language skills. Downloading the language app Duolingo is a good place to start and asking friendly locals for help is another way to step out of your comfort zone and allow for self improvement.





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