Sail into Serenity: A Turkey Superyacht Itinerary for the Ultimate Escape

If you are looking to charter somewhere different this year then why not experience the sparkling turquoise coast of Turkey. Cruise along the stunning coastlines of the Aegean and Mediterranean sea where you will discover hundreds of bays. Picture yourself exploring ancient ruins, lounging on pristine beaches, savouring mouth-watering Turkish cuisine, and indulging in world-class spa treatments, all while enjoying the breath-taking views from the deck of your private yacht. In this blog we created a 10 day turkey superyacht itinerary, designed to ensure that you visit all of the most popular locations on your yacht, that will leave you with unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Jumpstart your Turkey superyacht itinerary in the amazing city of Bodrum:

Discover the vibrant bazaars, sandy beaches and fresh sea food in the bustling city of Bodrum.

Day 1: Bodrum Yacht charter

Bodrum is a wonderful place to begin your turkey superyacht itinerary. It is a picturesque port city located in the southwestern region of Turkey, known best for its rich history, stunning coastline, and lively nightlife. One could spend hours exploring the many historic sites found here. The coastal city is home to the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and is a must-see on the first stop of your Turkey superyacht itinerary. Bodrum Castle, The Castle of St. Peter is located in the port of Bodrum and can be viewed from either of the twin bays. At night the castle is lit up and reflects on the water creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Kara Ada is a small islet located in the Gulf of Bodrum. This cannot be left out of your turkey superyacht itinerary. It attracts many yacht chartering tourists. This translates to Black Island. This island is renowned for its many mineral springs. There are many legends associated with these pools being enriched with healing powers. Our favourite is that it was used by Cleopatra to protect her magnificence.

Bodrum itself has often been referred to as the Saint Tropez of Turkey. The streets are lined with rustic, whitewashed houses and the bays are filled with crystal clear waters. It truly is a wonderfully charming city. The seaside metro-pole has an array of wonderful bars and restaurants for you to enjoy before retiring to your luxury yacht for some well needed rest and relaxation. Your captain will then cruise to a secluded cove for a peaceful first night’s rest on board.

Turkey is one of the most popular places worldwide for hot air ballooning, so as you watch the sun set from your luxury yacht keep on eye on the horizon for some beautiful balloons.

Day 2: Bodrum to Kos

What better way to wake up on the first morning of your Turkey superyacht itinerary than on the beautiful island of Kos. Kos is renowned for its breath-taking scenery, beaches and bays and has some great authentic restaurants. Kos is rich in history and culture with many ancient Greek and Roman artefacts and landmarks dotted around the island.

The primary harbour is home to a striking 15th-century Neratzia Castle and is well worth a visit. Not far from the castle, you will find several other historical monuments including the Ancient Agora ruins, temple, shrine and free-standing columns. These pre-historic pieces of architecture are like something from Greek mythological story books and are truly captivating.

This island holds the ruins of a curious temple called the Asklepion. This must-visit landmark was an ancient healing temple in the 4th century BC. You can explore the ruins of the Asklepion and all the other structures that were once used for healing and worship.

After, pay a visit to Therma Beach where you will find unique and mystical thermal springs. These thermal springs are located in a rock pool of hot water usually between 40-50 degrees Celsius. They are said to be enriched with healing powers for all skill ailments.

Day 3: Kos to Kalymnos

Another unmissable destination to add to your Turkey superyacht itinerary is the charming island of Kalymnos. A favourite amongst mountain climbers, Kalymnos is located just off the Turkish coast. Kalymnos is one of the top hiking and rock-climbing holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. The island even hosts its own annual climbing festival. You will definitely not want to forget your hiking shoes for this leg of your Turkey superyacht itinerary. Nothing will prepare you for the astonishing views when climbing. What better way to take it all in?

The island is also renowned for its enduring  tradition of sponge diving. You can explore the sponge diving history and culture at the Maritime Museum of Kalymnos. It is still fascinating to witness and learn the sponge-diving history.

After a morning of rock-climbing and an afternoon of exploring the delightful town and port, relax under the warm Aegean sun on Myrties Beach. Then enjoy a relaxing evening on board your luxury yacht with dinner prepared by your on-board chef. Whether it be traditional Mediterranean cuisine or anything you feel like, enjoy the delicious meal and admire the stunning scenery whilst continuing on your Turkey superyacht itinerary.

Day 4: Kalymnos to Nisyros

Nisyros is another hidden gem that you should add to your Turkey superyacht itinerary. Known for its unique landscape, charming villages, and pristine beaches, this tiny volcanic island is located in the Aegean Sea. As you approach the island by yacht, you’ll be amazed by the stark beauty of the island’s rugged terrain and the unique volcanic features that make Nisyros a must-visit destination.

The island’s main attraction is the active volcano, which last erupted in 1888 and continues to be monitored by scientists today. You can take a guided tour of the volcano and explore the craters and geothermal vents that make Nisyros a geological wonder.

The island is also home to numerous charming villages, such as Mandraki and Nikia, which are known for their traditional architecture, picturesque alleys, and stunning views of the Aegean Sea. With a Turkey superyacht itinerary that includes Nisyros, you can discover an idyllic and unforgettable destination that combines natural beauty, adventure, and culture.

Day 5: Nisyros to Tilos

Tiles is a rather secluded but enchanting island, with a total population of less than 800 people. The tranquil, reserved island offers a truly wholesome and traditional Greek experience. You will be transported back to a simpler time as you explore the island uncovering the many ancient churches and castles which occupy most of the island. For those of you intrigued by history, this will be a truly mesmerizing experience.

Safe to say, you will have an ultimate day of relaxation here as this island is yet to be tainted by mass tourism and all of its natural beauty remains untouched. It provides the perfect getaway from the havoc of the busier, more touristy islands. The island possesses some of the most secluded and peaceful beaches in the world such as Livadia, Agios Antonios, and Plaka. Visit these true gems to soak up the sun and enjoy the refreshing waters of the Aegean Sea. It’s almost like owning your very own private island.

Tilos does have one very popular attraction enjoyed by those who do venture to the island. Mikro Chorio is an old village and said to be inhabited by ghosts. This provides a thrilling and mysterious experience for all who visit and is definitely not one to miss.

Day 6: Tilos to Rhodes

Rhodes is a must-visit destination that you simply cannot miss on your Turkey superyacht itinerary. Rhodes is the fourth largest Greek island and is surrounded by luminous turquoise waters which attracts many sun-worshippers all year round.

As you approach the majestic island by yacht, you’ll be awed by the imposing walls of the medieval town. Being one of the most impressive medieval structures in Europe, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For those of you who can’t get enough of the water, Rhodes is your paradise. This is the ideal spot for diving, snorkelling, swimming or simply floating along on a paddle board enjoying the gently rippling waves. The island has a wonderful selection of glorious beaches for you to enjoy.


Day 7: Rhodes

The Old Town of Rhodes offers a stroll through Greek history and ancient tradition and is a positively fascinating place to explore. Often referred to as Knight’s Island due to its rich medieval history, plentiful medieval castles and monuments and several archaic streets and buildings.

The Palace of Grand Master is sacred to the island of one of the most well-known and preserved castles in all of the East Mediterranean. Built in early Medieval times, it really takes tourists back to a totally different time in history.

If you’re looking to get active for a few hours, The Seven Springs is a must see. This unique and picturesque park is like something from a fairy tale story-book with many different emerald walkways and glistening lakes.

Rhodes also has one of the best nightlifes in Greece for those who enjoy a fun night out. With an excellent assortment of restaurants, cafes and bars. The cuisine in Rhodes ranges from traditional Mediterranean dishes in authentic Greek taverns to popular international meals. Fancy a night dining on land rather than on board the yacht, you’re bound to have your taste-buds satisfied in Rhodes.

Day 8: Rhodes to Dacta

Didim, also known as Dacta, is a charming coastal town that you should add to your Turkey superyacht itinerary. You will come across this truly impressive town when cruising along the western coast of Turkey. As you approach Didim by yacht, you’ll be greeted by the stunning vistas of the Aegean Sea and the lush green hills that surround the town.

The Sanatcilar Sokagi is a popular, long-established artist street where many artists come in the evening to display and sell their modest masterpieces.

Throughout your Turkey superyacht itinerary, you will witness many spectacular sunsets, the one viewed from Datca is another one to add to the list. This can be enjoyed from one of the many traditional bars or restaurants based along the seafront whilst breathing in the crisp sea air.

Another interesting spot worth a visit during your Turkey superyacht itinerary, is the Hastane Alti Plaji, meaning the Beach Below the Hospital. Not only is this beach positively lovely, it is also the former location of Dacta’s first Hospital and is therefore rich in history and home of fascinating stories.

After exploring this one of a kind Turkish island, head back to your wonderful superyacht and set sail for the last stop of your Turkey superyacht Itinerary.

Day 9: Dacta to Knidos

On the penultimate day of your charter, cruise to the final stop of your Turkey superyacht itinerary to the divinely picturesque harbour town of Knidos. Knidos is famous in Turkey for having many monuments, statues and buildings dedicated to the country’s history. The Knidos Ancient City is one of the most renowned of these historical sites. It encompasses many great amphitheatres and the Temple of Aphrodite. This ancient city is breath-takingly picturesque and most definitely a fascinating area to explore.

Whilst stopped in Knidos, there will also be plenty of time for swimming and other fun water activities as you enjoy your last full day on the glorious glistening waters of the Aegean Sea. Whether you choose to dine on board or on land is up to you. Either way your last night’s feast should be spectacular, whether that be prepared by your excellent on-board chef or in a fabulously authentic Turkish restaurant.

Day 10: Knidos to Bodrum

After a magical 10-day charter, it’s  time to return to Bodrum for disembarkation. Sad as it may be that your fantastic Turkey superyacht itinerary has come to an end, you will have seen some of the best places throughout the Greek and Turkish islands and will be left with amazing memories to last a life time.

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