The Van Dutch Fleet

Epitome of Class and Elegance promising complete Comfort and Luxury

An impressive and unique fusion of style, performance, and technology, The Van Dutch fleet of luxury motor boats have taken The French Riviera by storm and for good reason. The unmistakable sporty and modern profiles of these boats have become the leading frontier in luxury tenders and charter motorboats. The Van Dutch’s creative DNA originates in world-famous Dutch boat design and naval architecture. Their sleek silhouette and engineering excellence innovated by world-renowned boat designer Frank Mulder.

Each of the Van Dutch models is fast and lightweight, promising guests ultimate luxury and comfort while also including all latest boat building technologies. The use of the best quality materials and timeless design of Van Dutch ensures these luxury boats will be a cornerstone of elegance and class for many years to come in the luxury motor boat industry, zooming by the breathtaking coastline of The French Riviera for many years to come.

'Masterpiece of style, performance and luxury ..'

Van Dutch 40

The Van Dutch was the original model of The Van Dutch fleet, stretching 40 foot length, this masterpiece of design and engineering ingenuity promises guests complete luxury and comfort as well as outstanding performance. The design of this motorboat boasts fluid lines and sophistication with a unique silhouette. The distinct shape is not merely for aesthetics but it also enhances the performance, slicing through the waves easily!

The Van Dutch 40 has been famed for paving the way for luxury tenders and chase boats. It has majorly changed the game for tenders, providing a new standard of luxury and opulence that matches the sophistication and class of the super yacht it will be transporting guests between. The Van Dutch has not only revolutionized chase boats but also day charter boats. The perfect charter day boat offering guests space and style for entertaining and relaxing. The clever configuration of seating ensures that all 10 guests have plenty of space. The sun lounger aft deck accommodates those sun worshipers hoping to soak up the golden Mediterranean Sun.

While those who prefer the shade will love the interior cabin space, the epitome of contemporary and minimalist design. Guests can’t but appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and high quality materials used in creating this masterpiece of design and performance. Promising comfort, luxury and timeless elegance. What else could you ask for of your day charter or superyacht tender in The French Riviera?

Van Dutch 40

Most desirable superyacht chase boat to be found on The French Riviera

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Van Dutch 40.2 

The Van Dutch 40 in recent years has had a complete revamp. The wand has taken a new name as the Van Dutch 40.2. The model has undergone a modernization of on-board experience. Maintaining the timeless elegance and extreme comfort, hull shape and refined interiors. The impressive retooled hull extends the overall length of the motor boat by 10 inches. The new modern conveniences and improved interiors, promises guests complete comfort and luxury. The new improvements have been strategically innovated with the customer in mind. Providing additional space for guests to sunbathe and soak in the Mediterranean Sun as well as a new automated Bimini cover. This addition is cleverly stowed in the deck, and extends out at the touch of a button when guests seek respite from the sun’s rays. The interior has also been thoughtfully and carefully redesigned and revamped with an impressive washroom and separate shower.

The modernization to the Van Dutch 40 was not however purely cosmetic, with the new and improved Van Dutch 40.2 boasting 2 x Volvo D6 engines that export 870 total horsepower combined. This exquisite model also provides guests with an optional joystick system, for added maneuverability.

This spectacular model has not reached the golden shores of The French Riviera, but we are waiting patiently to see this sporty silhouette gliding easily around Cannes and The South of France. Stay tuned to see this masterpiece of ingenuity and style and grab the chance to charter a Van Dutch 40.2 for yourself!

Van Dutch 55, the big part of the Van Dutch fleet

The Van Dutch 55 is the big brother of the Van Dutch 40.2. 55 foot in length, incorporating the design ingenuity of Frank Mulder, promising guests space, luxury and contemporary design. It is a true masterpiece of Dutch design. The chic aesthetic combined with the impressive engineering and technology of this luxury boat is what makes it so special! Reaching speeds of 40 knots, one can easily imagine themselves zooming from the shores of Cannes to Saint Tropez in complete comfort and class. The design and interior decoration of the Van Dutch 55 flaunts the trademark Van Dutch fluid lines and impressive hull design. As well as ingenious receding deck ware to ensure guests optimum space. The grooved teak decking, is perfectly in keeping with the overall theme of eloquent simplicity exhibited by the decor.

Enjoy the Mediterranean sun in style

The sunbathing area at the rear promises guests all the room they may need to lounge and bask in the warm sun as they anchor in one of the many secluded coves you can find in The South of France during their day charter. The retractable dining area and electric Bimini promise guests to enjoy the day charter of a lifetime. Surrounded by pure style and luxury.

The interior flaunts two cabins for guests to enjoy as a spacious galley and living area for guests to enjoy if they chose to take respite from the warm Mediterranean Sun. The interior has been carefully and thoughtfully designed and decorated to exude easy elegance and maximize the space.

The scale and sophistication of the Van Dutch along with its ingenious engineering and technology promises guests complete comfort and luxury. This is why the Van Dutch 55 has become such an iconic name. And a very well known luxury motor boat to be seen zooming around the French Riviera.

Van Dutch 55

An engineering wonder promising comfort, style, and space.

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Van Dutch 75 

One of the newest creations of the Van Dutch Marina is the Van Dutch 75, a luxury motor boat spanning 75 foot. This exquisite model promises all the elegance, luxury and style of its sister models. However, Van Dutch 75 has been named as the greatest Van Dutch model to have ever launched. Frank Mulder, the infamous designer of these marine masterpieces has truly left nothing out when designing this motor boat to ensure gusts complete luxury.

The Van Dutch 75 has been designed with entertaining in mind. With many ingenious features such as the adjustable aft sun pad. Providing poolside vibes to open waters with these adjustable aft lounge seating. As well as this there many cup-holders sprinkle around these loungers for your chilled drink as you lounge in the sun. The speakers built into the aft deck create the perfect atmosphere. You can easily put on your favorite classic songs as you cruise comfortably through the turquoise ocean of The French Riviera.

Below deck comprises 3 fluid staterooms each with private washrooms, galley, entertainment lounge and crew quarters. The design emanates a fluid extension of grace and beauty of the exterior. The exterior has many hidden gems and features. Such as hydraulic swim platforms to offer complete ease of access to the turquoise waters of the West Mediterranean. The Van Dutch 75 also boasts an on board tender to allow guests to access secluded coves and bays.

Van Dutch Fleet, the ‘summum’ in luxury motorboats

The Van Dutch fleet is undeniably a leading force when it comes to luxury motor boats. They are exceptional works of art, a fusion of powerful engineering, innovative technology and cutting edge design. The fluid lines and sleek silhouette mirrored in each model has become a trademark of these brilliant motor boats. Their timeless design and strategic innovation means that Van Dutch will be a name and brand. A brand that will be gracing our waters for many years to come!

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