Explore the Whitsunday Islands by Yacht Charter

Sitting on the coast of eastern Australia, The Whitsunday Islands are famed for their stunning beaches, thriving forestry and huge variety of marine life. A week long charter is the perfect amount of time to see all the beauty of this region in complete comfort and privacy. Here’s everything you need to see on your Whitsundays yacht charter.

Day 1: Airlie Beach to Nara Inlet

Departing from Airlie Beach allows you easy access to the Whitsunday Islands as well as being a central point to board your luxury yacht. On day 1, sail north-east to Nara Inlet. At the southern end of Hook Island, this is a calm and secluded bay where you can take in the breath-taking scenery in complete privacy. As you glide into the inlet, the steep hillsides surround you, there’s thriving greenery at all angles! In the months with heavier rainfall you can see waterfalls running down the slopes. Nara Inlet is perfect for history lovers. If you head through the forest you will discover ancient Aboriginal caves which date back thousands of years. The caves feature Aboriginal paintings and are of huge cultural significance. Note that Nara Inlet offers anchorages only.


Explore the wonders of Australia's coral reefs.

Day 2: Butterfly Bay

On day 2, sail to the north of Hook island to Butterfly Bay. This beach is aptly named after its huge variety of butterfly and bird species, it’s a great location to discover the Whitsundays wildlife. There are crystal clear waters here ideal for an afternoon spent snorkeling. Delve beneath the waves to explore Australia’s rich marine life. The coral reefs attract so many colourful fish, you can explore for hours on end!. This is the perfect place for a relaxed picnic on your luxury yacht, watching the calm waves sweep across the bay. Have your personal chef whip up some freshly caught fish as you soak up the sun. Butterfly Bay also has public moorings available if you fancy exploring more natural beauty on shore.

Day 3: Cateran Bay

Spend day 3 of your Whitsundays yacht charter cruising south-west to Border Island. On the North side, Cateran Bay is home to the Border Island Reef. Filled with a huge variety of marine life, this area is a ‘Green Zone’ protected from anchorages and fishing. You can easily anchor your luxury yacht outside of the reef protection area and swim inland towards the coral, You may wish to spend some time onshore Border Island as well. If you’re feeling adventurous there is a trail starting from the bay which takes you to the highest point of the island. The views of the Whitsundays from here are magnificent! There is also a scenic bush walk if you want to explore more of this region’s rich wildlife.


Take in the beauty of one of the most photographed beaches in the world...

Day 4: Whitehaven Beach

Day 4 will take you to one of the most famous landmarks of the Whitsundays region. 7 km wide Whitehaven Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The tide shifts the sand here to create beautiful milky streaks which swirl around the bay.  As you sail south-east towards the beach, stop at Tongue Point. If you walk up from here you will reach the lookout with the best views of Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach. This is the perfect place for some memorable holiday photos. Whether you choose to picnic on the shore or have a gourmet meal on your luxury yacht, Whitehaven beach is an absolute must-see when touring the Whitsundays.


See the famous 'Heart Coral' from Hamilton Island

Day 5: Hamilton Island

After 4 days surrounded by nature, day 5 of your Whitsundays yacht charter takes you to Hamilton Island; one of the main resorts in the chain. As you glide into the marina you will be surrounded by greenery and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Head up to One Tree Hill for some cocktails with an unparalleled view of the island reef, this is an ideal place to enjoy a romantic evening and watch the sunset over the islands. Hamilton Island has lots of activities to keep you busy on shore; from mini golf and go-karting to unforgettable helicopter rides over the famous ‘Heart Reef’, this island has something for everyone. From the comfort of your luxury yacht, cruise south-east to Catseye Bay. A great place to sunbathe, anchor near Hideaway bay to enjoy the calm waves in peace. Note: you will need to pre-book your berth at Hamilton Marina.

Day 6: Cid Harbour

On day 6 sail north-west to Cid Harbour. On the western side of Whitsunday Island, this is a perfect beach location. For a more private swimming experience, sail just a few minutes north to Dugong beach. This area has an amazing azure sea and is also a great place to watch turtles! Sit back and relax as Australia’s rich marine life drifts by. You can enjoy the beauty of this island from the comfort of your luxury yacht. From the anchorage in Sawmill Bay you will have unbeatable views of Whitsunday Peak and the surrounding national park, keep your eye out for the eagles that soar at the top!

Day 7: Palm Bay

Spend the final day of your Whitsundays yacht charter relaxing in Palm Bay, Long Island. Pick up a mooring for a small fee and then head inland to the spa. The Palm Blue Spa offers outdoor massage, body wraps, facials and so much more. It’s the perfect place to unwind after all the excitement of your luxury yacht charter.  There is also a bar where you can enjoy a drink by the pool. For dinner, you could head to the restaurant for a wood-fired pizza or return to your luxury yacht for some sunset sailing. Cruising to the west of the island features breath-taking views of Long Island Reef and the Molle Islands National Park. After enjoying the scenery, it is just a short journey west to return to Airlie beach.


You can see a huge variety of marine life during your luxury yacht charter.

Wildlife on Your Whitsundays Yacht Charter

Here is some of the wildlife you could see while on your Whitsundays Yacht Charter!

  • Turtles – Keep your eye out for Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill Turtles floating through the tropical waters.
  • Whales – The best time to see these beautiful animals is in the months of June to September. Humpback and Pilot Whales are the species spotted the most often.
  • Rays – Keep an eye out for these on Whitehaven beach! There are over 35 species on this coastline, it’s easy to spot them gliding through the clear seas.
  • Dolphins – Seen all year round in the Whitsundays, you may find these playful creatures chasing your yacht as you cruise!
  • Fish – Like in ‘Finding Nemo’, there are lots of colourful fish which gather around the reefs in this region. You can spot Clownfish, Squid, Royal Blue Tangs and more.
  • Sharks – This friendly species are often sighted off the coast of the Whitsunday Islands, keep an eye out for Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks and the Black Tip and White Tip Reef Sharks.
  • Jellyfish – Watch out for these ones! From October onward they are very prevalent in the Australian waters.

Planning your Whitsundays Yacht Charter

Planning a yacht charter in Australia may seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry; 212 Yachts are here to make your planning carefree and enjoyable. Reach out to one of our expert charter brokers via email or telephone, and let us know your possible plans. We would love to know;

  • Your ideal dates
  • Your preferred port of departure and disembarkation
  • The number of guests with you
  • The number of cabins you require
  • The kind of charter you enjoy (active, relaxed, spontaneous etc)
  • Approximate weekly budget

Based on this information, we will be in a great position to advise the best yachts available to you, the best itinerary for your Australian yachting vacation, and to answer any other questions you may have. 212 Yachts have years of experience with global yacht charters, ranging from 20 metre yachts for a long weekend, to 70 m super yachts for a month of cruising.

To begin planning your Whitsundays yacht charter, contact our team today.

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