Sail freely between Diverse Cultures on a West Mediterranean Yacht Charter

The West Mediterranean has for years been famed as the Yachting capital of the world. Each year super yachts flock to these sparkling azure seas. With shores brimming with rich culture and luxury, a yacht charter here certainly promises pure decadence. From the idyllic coves and rolling hills of Corsica to the energetic metropolises of chic Cote d’Azur, the diversity of the West Med makes it a truly unique haven of beauty. A yacht charter in the West Mediterranean is the best way to experience this region’s beauty.


The temperate climate makes it possible to visit the Mediterranean almost all year round. The peak season generally runs from May to October. With temperatures typically ranging from 24-36°C. In addition to the incredible climate and prime sailing conditions, the region boasts a number of international airports. This makes it easily accessible, no matter where you are in the world!

Read on to discover our favourite charter destinations in the West Mediterranean!

'The diversity of the West Med makes it a truly unique haven of beauty..'

France Yacht Charter

Discover a unique fusion of luxury, elegance and immense natural beauty

Hundreds of yachts flock to the French Riviera and surrounding waters each year. Flaunting glittering bays, unblemished beaches, and exclusive resorts. It is a spectacular location overflowing with culture and luxury. The breathtaking coastline is decorated with captivating fishing villages as well as larger buzz filled towns such as Cannes. All equally beautiful boasting medieval architecture painted with a soft pastel palette.

Coastal Cities of Antibes, Eze, and Cannes

Experience the French way of living, venturing on shore from your private yacht anchored in one of the many sheltered coves. Onshore you will discover winding cobbled streets and a sweet smell of fresh croissants filling the air. Spend your days ambling through the picturesque coastal towns such as Eze or Antibes. Travel further from the coast to find sprawling vineyards and beautiful olive groves. A world away from the luxury boutique, glittering nightlife and exclusive resorts of Cannes and St. Tropez. France exhibits the ultimate fusion of sophistication and natural beauty, ranging from boutique-lined promenades such as La Croisette in Cannes to the dense forests and enigmatic hilltop villages of Porquerolles.

Motorsport Mecca of Monaco

Monaco known as the jewel of the French Riviera is renowned for its nightlife and buzzing casinos. The city is steeped in history and culture boasting a plethora of activities for one to enjoy.  You could spend days roaming through the winding streets in awe of the magnificent architecture and monuments such as The Prince’s Palace. Monaco plays host to festivals and spectacular exhibitions all year round. Best known for the infamous F1 Grand Prix held in Monaco every year. Experience this exclusive event from the comfort of your private yacht decked just meters from the track!

The French Riviera and South of France is simply the perfect location to charter a luxury yacht and discover this magical and opulent land, read more about a guide to chartering a yacht here.

'Tasting wines and strolling through lavender feels in the midday sun'

West Mediterranean Yacht Charter – Corsica

Exploring the Enchanting Trails of Corsica

Peacefully nestled between France and Sicily, Corsica is a breathtaking island comprising of unspoiled beaches, nature reserves, and beautiful mountains. Corsica mirrors the beauty of its neighbouring islands but embraces a more laid back approach to life. It is the perfect haven of nature and tranquillity for those looking to explore and relax. Corsica’s shores boast pristine white sand beaches and endless hiking trails to explore through rugged landscape and evergreen forests. This Mediterranean Island has 385 miles of breathtaking coastline and has 200 beaches. Each one more beautiful than the last. A complete escape and haven of peace and tranquillity for you to enjoy.  The island also is home to a number of whale and dolphin sanctuaries, indeed a wonderful way to spend a morning admiring these spectacular creatures in their natural habitat.

A world away from the glitz and the glamour of the French Riviera, a yacht charter in Corsica offers those an escape, an oasis of natural beauty and wildlife just waiting to be discovered, read more on the exceptional isle here.

'Untouched beauty, with pristine white sand beaches and endless hiking trails..'

West Mediterranean Yacht Charter – Italy

The Cultural Haven of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Isles

The mesmerizing coastline of Italy and surrounding islands is a spectacle of enchanting fishing villages, rugged cliffs, and exclusive resorts. A heavenly cocktail of Mediterranean antiquated charm and modern luxury.

Portofino is a prime example of one of the many elegant fishing towns decorating the shoreline. The town is renowned for its exclusive designer boutiques and world-class restaurants. These towns are easily accessed from your luxury yacht anchored in one of the secluded bays. The Cinque Terre perched on the cliff tops above the sparkling turquoise seas are truly breath-taking, sleepy fishing villages bursting in culture and colour. A treat for your senses as you saunter through the winding cobbled streets and markets overflowing with spices and citron fruits.

The Amalfi Coast is equally picturesque with whitewashed cliffs and pastel-hued villages. These cluster of captivating villages boast world-class restaurants and luxury resorts. Serving the best of quintessential Italian food against the spectacular backdrop of the Tuscan rolling hills.

Sun-kissed Sands of Sicily

As you sail through the sparkling turquoise waters towards the sun-kissed shores of Sicily you will be welcomed by the towering peak of Mount Etna which dominates the skyline. Sicily is a truly breath-taking island flaunting an exotic and unique mix of European, Asian and African cultures.

Rich in intriguing culture and an interesting past, the landscape is dotted with a number of ancient ruins and iconic sites.

Read more about Sicily here.

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Mediterranean Yacht Charter – Spain

Discover Spain and the surrounding Islands, where Glitz and Glam meets Old World Charm

The glistening shores of a yacht charter in Spain and surrounding islands are exquisite with a myriad of opportunists for exploration and total relaxation. The breathtaking scenery and vivacious culture ensures that it is the perfect location for a luxury yacht charter. With a plethora of vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, exquisite architecture, and rich culture. Leave the stresses of life behind and set sail for the pearly white beaches of Spain.

Barcelona and Marbella

Barcelona is a haven of exquisite architecture and beauty. The city really is vibrant and energetic. Its streets are full of people, music, and colour. The hustle and bustle of the infamous La Ramblas is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. It is a true sensation for your senses. Worlds apart from the serenity of your luxury yacht. For those searching for optimum luxury and sophistication, the elegant streets of Marbella are for you. With cobbled streets lined with luxury boutiques and world class restaurants as well as many buzzing bars. Marbella boasts the perfect fusion of culture, elegance, and glam. This beautiful city provides you with countless activities by day and night, with chic cafes and buzzing bars.

The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands lying just off the coast of Spain in the glistening Mediterranean sea are the ultimate sanctuary for private yacht charter. Flaunting the perfect fusion of breathtaking beaches and natural beauty of Formentera on a yacht and all the glitz and the glamour of Ibiza. Sailing around the clear turquoise waters of this diverse archipelago would make for the perfect vacation, providing endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. These islands boast many spectacular secluded coves, some only accessible by private boat, ensuring complete privacy and tranquillity. While for those searching for a charter promising more action, the island of Ibiza has a plethora of exclusive bars and world class restaurants to chose from, while still maintaining that old world charm with winding, streets in the old town.

Spain and The Balearic Island are aptly named as the yachting worlds best kept secret boasting sun kissed beaches, world class nightlife and effortless luxury oozing from its shores.

Read more about the Balearic Islands and an Ibiza yacht charter

'Leave the stresses of life behind and set sail for the pearly white beaches of Spain.'

Mediterranean Yacht Charter – Malta

The Cultural Utopia of Malta

The sparkling turquoise sea surrounding the mesmerising island of Malta and surrounding sister isles is truly spectacular. It has become a well know spot for private yacht charters in recent years. With excellent chartering facilities and a myriad of secluded anchorages. It is the perfect place to drop down the anchor and venture onto the golden shores of Malta, a Mediterranean paradise. Overflowing with culture and history, this vibrant little island exhibits awe-inspiring architecture, unique breathtaking landscapes and buzzing cosmopolitan café culture. Exploring Malta and surrounding waters is like taking a journey back in time. With this island flaunting the largest density of historic sites than any other country it is a history enthusiasts dream. Although it does not take a historian to revel in the beauty and mastery of the exquisite architecture and cathedrals dotted around the captivating towns and villages of the island.

Cities of Malta

Valetta the capital of Malta is truly exquisite being named a UNESCO recognised Heritage city. Named European’s Capital of Culture in 2018, one can clearly understand why this utopia of beauty and history has become a favourite yacht charter destination. Malta is just as impressive offshore, its crystal clear waters surrounding its sister isles Comino and Gozo exhibiting some of the most beautiful dive and snorkel spots to be found in the Mediterranean. This vibrant world is easily accessible from your private yacht. Just grab your snorkel mask and take the plunge into the deep blue ocean teeming with colourful marine life! It is also home to the Blue Lagoon which is known to be an excellent spot for novice divers and children alike to experience their first scuba dive in a safe, sheltered lagoon.

Malta and surrounding isles is a sanctuary of natural beauty and history. It is best explored from the luxury and comfort of your private yacht, allowing you to explore the scenery both onshore and from the sparkling blue sea.

'Exploring Malta and surrounding waters is like taking a journey back in time'

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in the West Mediterranean?

The cost to charter a yacht in the Mediterranean will vary depending on the size, style and age of yacht you hire. VAT and Advanced Provisioning Allowance are additional costs. Typically, a crewed yacht charter on the Mediterranean starts at approx 20000 Euros up to multiples of millions per week.

The glimmering waters of the West Mediterranean have for decades been a mecca for super yachts and for good reason. The diversity of this rugged coastline would truly take your breath away. The West Med is decorated with pristine sanded coves, colourful villages, and hives of activity exuding old charm and sophistication.  It is easy to see why it is a prime favourite for yacht charters for so many years.

The Perfect Holiday Adventure

Whether you are looking for extreme luxury, a peaceful getaway or an amazing adventure, The West Mediterranean is the perfect place to explore by sea. We hope that you are excited to visit what is one of the most magical yacht charter destinations in the world. A yacht charter holiday is an exciting adventure to enjoy with your family and friends, and is a sure way to create memories that will be treasured for years to come. We delight in being an integral part of this journey for so many guests, and are driven by the smiles and gleeful stories from our happy clients. With years of expertise and a wealth of strong relationships in the region, we are fully equipped to finding and securing the perfect yacht for charter on the West Mediterranean coast and beyond.

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