A home to artists, the French Riviera is one place to see for countless of sights. It has the perfect deep blue ocean that attracts sailors and the water-loving crowd. At the same time, it has magnificent architectural structures that will make sightseeing a visual adventure. You may commonly find tourists exploring the streets or chartering yachts to discover the French Riviera in style.

4 Must See Places While Discovering the French Riviera

Marvel at the beauty of Nice. Charter a private luxury yacht to appreciate the place more.

Nice yacht charter

True to its name, this global destination is famous for its marvellous beauty that gives you the full-blown French Mediterranean vibe. It has the perfect combination of mountainous areas, sunny coasts, and admirable architecture in one. Some of its buildings date back to Ancient Greece, which makes this an old but very progressive town. Visit Nice in your chartered yacht and dock on the port in time to see the magnificent view of the sun as it sets down for the night. Indeed, Nice is nothing but absurd beauty and definitely a must see while discovering the French Riviera!

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Take a plunge in history as you visit the old town of Antibes and sail around the coast onboard a luxurious private chartered yacht.


Antibes yacht charter

Sitting in between the towns of Cannes and Nice is the home of a museum dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso. The artist himself has established a home way back in 1946 and has found inspiration in the aesthetics of the town. Antibes is a beautiful mix of culture that originates from the Greek city, Antipolis. Even in the middle of the sea, while on your charter, you will see the town’s golden sand-coloured structures and the scenic view of the mountains. No wonder Picasso gladly called Antibes home. Visiting Antibes is a must if you truly want to discover the French Riviera, especially for any art lovers on board.

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Luxury, comfort, view, warm waters, and nightlife, enjoy the beauty of Cannes through a weekend cruise on a privately chartered yacht.

Cannes yacht charter

Discover the French Riviera’s glamorous side in Cannes! Aside from the famous film festival, Cannes is also known for its luscious view of the sea and iridescent waters. Unlike its neighbouring towns, it offers more luxurious fashion boutiques, fine restaurants, and some elegant clubs for partying. This place is great for a weekend cruise of relaxing, pampering, and indulging in fancy activities.Take an easy-going walk on its cobblestone roads breathing the fresh Mediterranean air and taking in the wonderful view.

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Explore St. Tropez aboard a selection of luxury private yachts to cater to your itinerary and fit your budget.

St-Tropez yacht charter

Another high-class destination is St-Tropez. What was once a peaceful fishing village is now a hotspot tourist attraction, especially in the summer. Among its common patrons are big shot celebrities, business tycoons, and other high-valued personalities. With its luxurious private beaches and the public urban beaches, finding a place for sun lounging during the summer can still be a challenge. Why waste your time? Stay in your chartered yacht and dock on the old port to get the perfect view of the mountains.

How to Select the Perfect Yacht for your French Riviera Charter

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