Although all superyacht charters are remarkable, selecting yachts with beach clubs offers unmatched experiences and the opportunity to create incredible memories. It can be overwhelming trying to select the vessel of your dreams among all yachts with beach clubs, especially if it is your first luxury yacht charter. Keep reading to discover the reasons why seizing this opportunity is essential.

Explore the Ultimate Luxury: Yachts With Beach Clubs

There is no doubt that cruising on a yacht is a luxurious experience in itself. Envision being able to enhance and elevate this experience with the inclusion of your exclusive beach club. When embarking on yachts with beach clubs, anything is possible. Spend the day lounging out on your private beach club deck surrounded by the most breathtaking views. Perhaps you would like to utilize your on-board bar. Indulge in the wide range of recreational activities available to you aboard your floating paradise. 

The Ultimate in Luxury Yachting

Beach Clubs offer the perfect charter experience

What is a Beach Club on a Yacht

Yachts with beach clubs offer an unparalleled experience. Imagine combining the extravagance of a yacht charter with the ambiance of a high-end vacation resort. Envision all the amenities available in your favorite holiday resort, at your fingertips on your luxury yacht. This best describes a beach club with the addition of a dedicated and professional crew attending to your every need, enabling a seamless and extravagant experience.

Charter a Luxury Superyacht

Experience a vacation like no other

The Benefits of Chartering Yachts Featuring Beach Clubs

There are endless benefits to chartering these yachts. There is no better way to spend a week in the sun, than lounging out on your beach club’s deck. Equipped with all you desire, including sunbeds and umbrellas, it is a haven of relaxation. What individuals enjoy the most is the freedom to anchor where they wish and enjoy direct access to their own secluded beach. The combination of the luxuries on board and the beautiful coastline views results in an ambiance of pure tranquility. 

Private Luxury Hotel on Water

Yachts with beach clubs mirror private luxury hotels on the water. This floating paradise will not disappoint you in terms of amenities on board and customer service. From the dedicated crew attending to your every need, to your on-board chef cooking your favorite cuisine, you will enjoy every minute. Some individuals, don’t feel the need to leave their floating hotel as there is always something new to see and do.

Gym and Wellness Centres

For those who enjoy working out, why not utilize the available gym and wellness centers? It can be difficult for those with a fitness routine to neglect exercise for the duration of their vacation. Yachts with beach clubs now make it possible to blend fitness with the pleasures of vacationing. The feeling of cooling off with a dip in the sea, or exploiting the massage room facilities is unmatched.

Everything is catered for on a luxury yacht charter

Stay fit whilst on vacation, it is a win-win!

Waterline Bar

What better way to add to the prestige of your luxury yacht cruise than having your own waterline bar? This adds to the experience for those who wish to have cocktail parties with family and friends, or even those who wish to have drinks served to them while soaking in the beautiful sunset. 

Sauna and Massage Rooms

There is no better way to indulge in relaxation than spending an afternoon at the spa. Pamper yourself with a treatment. Get a relaxing massage to alleviate any stress that may be hindering the enjoyment of your yacht charter. There is no better way to unwind after a day of exploring a new and exciting destination than a session in the sauna. This is a unique feature of yachts with beach clubs.

Luxury redefined

Escape reality and experience pure bliss onboard

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are often found on yachts with beach clubs. Can you think of a nicer way to cool off after a day basking in the sun? Perhaps you would like to use it as a prime location to soak in the beautiful surrounding views. Individuals find it adds a luxurious touch to their experience. 

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