When looking to rent a boat on the French Riviera, it can be hard to know what exactly to look for. If you are drowning in boating jargon and unsure of the difference between RIBs, tenders, bareboat charters and so on, then fear not! Luckily for you, 212 Yachts will take care of all the confusing stuff for you so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your day on the sea. We are proud to offer you a selection of boats to charter to suit every budget and every boating need. Whether you are looking to rent a small boat, a luxury tender or a larger yacht, look no further! We have a large selection of yachts available to charter along the French Riviera, from Monaco through to St. Tropez. With this simple boat rental guide on the French Riviera we provide answers to some of the choices you will come across.

All you need to know for a Boat Rental on the French Riviera


What is a RIB?

RIB stands for Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat. These boats are strong and built for high-speed, high-performance fun in the water. They are great for doing water sports off the back and for navigating the waves safely. A RIB will not have a toilet on-board. An example of a RIB available to hire is the Wahoo, the Callegari, and the Nuova Jolly 720.

What is a tender/chase boat?

Usually, a tender is a boat used to service a larger yacht, for example to transport guests to shore when the larger yachts cannot get a berth. However, they have become increasingly popular as rental boats in their own right and clients often choose to charter a tender or chase boat independently because it has the advantage of being able to access smaller, more remote locations and also of being ideal for water sports. 212 Yachts propose some very elegant and comfortable tenders for rent, for example the Wajer and the Van Dutch 40.

What is a day boat for rental?

Many big yacht charterers require you to rent the yacht on a weekly basis but 212 Yachts offer a large selection of yachts and boats available for day rentals and even some half day rentals. The times of a day rental vary from boat to boat but we would be happy to negotiate a time that suits you best. Popular destinations to visit on the French Riviera for day charters include; the Cannes islands, Monaco and Saint Tropez. Learn more about yachting destinations in the French Riviera.  

What is a bareboat charter?

This simply means a boat that is rented without a skipper or crew. This means you will need to skipper and navigate the boat yourself. This is a big responsibility as you are in charge of safety onboard the boat. Depending on the locations of your bareboat charter, you will need to show evidence of some type of certification and/or previous boating experience. On the French Riviera it is obligatory to hold a valid boat driving licence to drive any boat over 5o hp.

What hidden/extra costs are there when going for a boat rental?

212 Yachts will endeavor to make you aware of any possible additional costs before you confirm your charter. However, it is possible for costs to change depending on your itinerary/requests. The charter fee covers the boat rental itself. The major costs that sometimes clients are unaware of are provisioning, fuel and mooring/berth fees. On larger boats there is sometimes a charge for the hire of linens (if you want them). 212 Yachts can provide estimates, depending on your itinerary. For more information and detailed pricing estimates, please see our FAQs page. However, feel free to contact us and we can take care of all of this for you. After asking a few simple questions about what you are hoping to get from your boat rental.

We hope this boat rental guide on the French Riviera helps you on your way. After you have decided which boat you want for rental, sit back and enjoy your trip and let 212 Yachts take care of all the boring, technical boat stuff for you!

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