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Cannes Lions Private Yacht Charter Made Easy 


How much does it cost to charter a private yacht for all of Cannes Lions?

Size and the year of build are determining factors of the price of chartering a private yacht during Cannes Lions. Typically, the bigger and the more modern the yacht, the higher the price. The price to charter a private yacht with crew starts from aprox €20,000 and ranges all the way up to €4million per week. Realistically during Cannes Lions, you will be hosting meetings, private events, cocktails parties, and need caterers, more alcohol. As a result, most ‘small’ packages for a yacht rented in the old port of Cannes, during Lions, start at aprox 50000 Euros minimum per week.

When to Book

Many popular yachts are booked by repeat clients, or are booked months in advance of the Cannes Lions Festival. It is highly advised to start your search for the perfect yacht at least 5 months in advance if your company wishes to charter a private yacht for a week, or up to 3 months for day charters, to have the best chance of securing your preferred vessels.If you have left it to the last minute, do not fear however. Our team will do all possible to find the perfect yacht at the last minute!

Once we know the nature of your company’s event, we can advise on the most suitable vessels to act as venues

Hosting Corporate Events On A Yacht During the Cannes Lions

Many corporations choose to charter a private yacht during the Cannes Lions and  to host corporate events and important meetings. Common events include formal dinners, cocktail parties, live music performances, presentations, business meetings, after parties and many others. Yachts act as the perfect venue for hosting private business meetings close to the Palais. The presence of full time crew on-board ensures top service levels for you and your guests.  Once we know the nature of your company’s event, we can advise on the most suitable vessels to act as venues during the Cannes Lions.

Host formal diners, cocktail parties, live music performances, presentations, business meetings, after parties and many other events on-board.

Getting a Berth During the Cannes Lions

A prime berth/mooring spot next to the Palais des Festivals on the much sought after Quai d’Honneur is an important feature of many Cannes Lions private yacht charters. It adds esteem to the company’s name, and keeps the company in the thick of the action.

In 2016 the organisers of the Cannes Lions Festival introduced strict application policies and rules regarding what companies can and cannot apply for a berth – The Yacht Pass. Berths are limited to attendees at the Lions and competition is fierce, so starting the application early is extremely important. 212 Yachts will assist with this process, maximizing your chances of securing a prime berth.

If a prime spot in the Old Port is not of upmost importance, berths can be more easily secured in Port Canto. This is a short car or bike ride from the Palais des Festival and all venues, and is a great option for many companies.

What is the Cannes Lions Yacht Pass? 

From 2016 onwards, a Yacht Pass is required in order to apply for a berth on the famous Quai d’Honneur, directly adjacent to the Palais. The cost is quite high, however it does include five full Festival passes. The number of available Yacht Passes is low, as naturally it is restricted to the number of berths/mooring spots in the port. To secure a Yacht Pass, it is highly advised to apply early. In order to apply, you must provide the length of the yacht, thus booking your charter yacht is the first step in securing a Cannes Lions Yacht Pass.

How Many Guests Can We Have On Our Yacht?

This varies on a number of factors. It is important to remember that the broker and crew do not set these limits; rather they are determined by the insurance that the owner has opted for his private charter yacht. As a result, for the safety of guests, outlined capacities are rigid.

Most yachts are limited to 12 guests while at sea. There are some options that can cruise with more than 12 guests however, so if your group is larger than 12, contact our team to explore these options.


For events at quayside (static charters), the limit varies from yacht to yacht, with some yachts allowing 15 to 20 guests on-board for cocktails, and others capable of hosting hundreds. Please inform us of the size of your group and plans, and we will offer suitable yachts.

The amount of guests allowed to sleep on-board depends on the size of the yacht, and the number of cabins. As a general rule, to sleep 6 guests, 3 cabins are needed, for 8 guests consider yachts with at least 4 cabins, for 10 or more, at least 5 cabins will be needed. Please inform us of the number of guests that wish to sleep on-board, and the desired sleeping arrangements, and we will offer suitable options.

Yachts and motorboats for day rental can accommodate varying numbers of guests, such as the super cool VanDutch Roar that can welcome on-board 10 guests, and the famous Sunseeker Rehab who welcomes 12.

Some yachts allow 15 to 20 guests on-board for cocktails, while others are capable of hosting hundreds.

Cannes Lions Private Yacht Charter Day Trips

Chartering a yacht is a great way to spend a day. It allows for team-building and is a great way to build client and employee relations. Common day trips include travelling from Cannes to Pampelonne beach in Saint Tropez, Cannes to Monaco and the Cannes Islands.

For lunch reservations and itinerary advice, our team will assist and advise.

If watersports are a desired part of your day, our team will either offer yachts with great selections of watertoys, or help to arrange for the rental of equipment.

Common day trips include travelling from Cannes to Pampelonne beach in Saint Tropez, Cannes to Monaco and the Cannes Islands.

Where to Start Your Private Yacht Charter

There are 2 ports in Cannes – The Old Port and Port Canto. The Old Port, located directly adjacent to the Palais des Festival, is often the most sought after start and end point of day trips. As a result, during the Cannes Lions the port is often quite busy. Starting here risks a delay to your Cannes Lions private yacht charter, reducing your time on the water.

We advise to start day yacht charters in the quieter Port Canto. A short journey from the Palais des Festivals, Port Canto reduces the chance of delays and maximizes the time on the water!

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212 Yachts have access to all charter yachts on the French Riviera and elsewhere, and will be delighted to help you to find the perfect yacht for your needs. Contact us now to start the journey! 

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