Greek Sailing Charters: A Truly Special Experience on the Water


You’re breathing in the fresh air of the coast, tasting hints of sea salt in its midst. The sun’s rays are beaming down on you, gifting you that sun kissed look that makes your skin glow. The wind is blowing through your hair, messing up your locks as it pleases. The refreshing blue water is at your feet, ready to serve as respite from the heat. You’re feeling bliss and tranquillity all at once. Everything falls perfectly into place. If these are the sensations that you are craving, Greek sailing charters are the ideal getaway for you.

Motorboats are a slightly simplified option for yacht vacations. However, they lack that sense of authenticity that sailing yachts impress with. Sailing yachts truly feel like a luxury boat. They are more natural and graceful in every aspect. With Greek sailing charters you know you are on board a yacht, living out a thrill that not many have the privilege to experience.

Greece a Luxury Paradise Perfect for Sailing Yachts

The ultimate luxury is associated with these sailing vessels and what destination can match this type of prestige if not the picturesque coasts of Greece. Greece is a truly astonishing country simply buzzing with culture, history and undeniably good food. Entailing more than 2,000 islands means exploring by sailing boat is the best way to get the most out of your Greece vacation.

One of the finest destinations for Greek sailing charters is the Cyclades Islands region. Here you can find almost anything you’d want from a vacation. You can explore the stunning beaches, learn about the ancient ruins of buildings and enjoy the bars and restaurants. The must visit locations here include Mykonos, Santorini and Delos. All of these are easily accessible by your stunning sailing yacht.

The Ionian Sea is a more lowkey and relaxed destination option on your Greek sailing charter. Known for its calmer nature, it is a paradise for those seeking a tranquil holiday. Lounging in the beaming sun with a mojito in your hand. The islands here are full of natural beauties and hidden gems. Your private sailing yacht would fit in seamlessly into this heavenly location.

Benefits of Greek Sailing Charters

Huge advantages of choosing a sailing yacht for your Greek vacation, are their eco-friendly nature and lower fuel.

Sailing yachts are generally more peaceful and tranquil. They use up less fuel and are less disturbing to marine habitats. You can relax and enjoy the luxury of your Greek sailing charter whilst causing little harm to the environment and marine life.

Secondly, being mainly powered by the wind makes the yacht rental an experience in itself. It gives that amazing feeling of the wind pushing you through the wavy sea that motorboats can never provide. With Greek sailing charters you know well you are on a luxury yacht splitting through blue waves instead of sitting at a mundane port.

Finally, the main beneficial factor is the general energy that these sailing yachts give off. They are something truly luxury but not something everyone can have. Even amongst those who rent yachts and are familiar with yacht charter vacations it is a rarity that not everyone deserves. A wow factor that will shock your friends and brighten up your social media.


Organise your Greek Sailing Charters with 212 Yachts

Unfortunately, being a rarity and a unique experience results in difficult availability and a need to plan early. When it comes to yacht charter, sailing yachts are less common. This means that to find exactly what you are looking for it is important to plan early.

With 212 Yachts we are dedicated to finding a truly exceptional yacht for you that will exceed all you charter needs and expectations. However to do this we need you to get in contact soon! For the perfect Greek sailing charters, get in contact with our experts and get planning.



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