If you are planning to charter a yacht, and are cruising along the Caribbean Sea, you must take advantage of the opportunity to partake in luxury shopping in St.Barts. The Caribbean island is not only known for its beautiful beaches and pristine waters but is also renowned for its luxury shopping experience. You cannot explore the island of St.Barthélemy, without visiting the two main shopping districts, Gustavia and St-Jean. If you wish to learn more about chartering a yacht and exploring the Caribbean islands, click here. 

Luxury Shopping Till You Drop in St. Barts

It is no surprise that Forbes named St.Barts as one of the 10 best shopping destinations worldwide! Luxury shopping in St.Barts is a unique experience. This duty-free port has all you could ever desire. From luxurious clothing to beautiful jewelry, and unique boutiques, the shopping opportunities are endless! Stunning beachfront restaurants are available for those moments when you seek a break from a bustling morning of retail therapy. 

The Essence of Luxury Shopping in St Barts

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This Luxury Shopping St Barts Guide Has You Covered

There’s no doubt that St. Barts’ essence of luxury shopping stems from its perfect blend of high-end boutiques and incomparable beauty. The striking cobblestone streets adorned with luxurious designer stores and the beautiful beachfront boutiques elevate the experience to one of elegance and sophistication. The celebrity appeal and upscale atmosphere truly add to the uniqueness and prestige of the shopping area, whilst venturing off your luxury caribbean yacht charter, what’s not to love!

The Main Shopping Locations – Luxury Shopping in St Barts

Gustavia, the Island capital, and St.Jean are most definitely the main shopping locations for luxury shopping in St.Barts. Located in Gustavia there are three main shopping streets, Quai de la République, Rue Général de Gaulle, and Rue de Roi Oscar 11. Here, you will find all of your most loved designer labels. Delve into the designer world and shop all your favorite  brands located in close proximity to one another


St Barts Offers a Haven for Fashion Enthusiasts

Discover the latest trends and styles

Luxury shopping in St.Barts is a hot spot for all fashion lovers. Individuals are always pleased to be able to indulge in their favorite designer stores such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Hermès, all located on the waterfront street of Quai de la République. Other popular destinations include the Carré d’Or Plaza and the Couer Vendôme Center. Perhaps your desired shopping destination is Prada or Ralph Lauren. St.Barts truly has it all! In addition, many boutiques are renowned for holding exclusive items, only found on the Island, enhancing the thrill of the shopping experience. 

Fashion for the Beach (and your Yacht)

Are you looking to upgrade your yachting wardrobe and beachwear? You have come to the right place! There are many boutiques that will satisfy your shopping needs, while luxury shopping in St.Barts. SunBarth in Gustavia is a perfect location to find all you need to enhance your style while on your yacht, or sauntering along the shore. Pain de Sucre is another ideal location to find elegant and unique beachwear. If you need some inspiration on what you would like to purchase please see this blog on packing essentials.

Discover the Best Jewellery when Luxury Shopping in St Barts

Bijoux de la Mer must be on your shopping itinerary when luxury shopping in St Barts. These unique jewels are truly breathtaking. It offers staple and elegant gold and silver pieces and additionally, more unique and unusual pieces inspired by the sea. You will not be able to leave the boutique without purchasing a beautiful jewel. Also, many individuals fall in love with the stones, shells, and pearls featured in their unique collections. If you are looking for the most luxurious and highest quality jewelry, you must visit Cartier. Furthermore, renowned for its glistening jewels, you will be beaming with excitement, finding the piece of your dreams!

Gifts and Souvenirs

Most people feel the need to purchase a memento to remember the special moments they spent luxury shopping in St.Barts. Sea Spice is a shop that gives an authentic vibe, offering a wide range of goods that can serve as a souvenir or a gift for a loved one. From hand-crafted rum to spices that are blended on the Island, there is something for everyone. In addition, for more classical souvenirs, Chamande is the perfect shop for you. Most of their items feature the St. Barths logo, adding to the sentimentality of the purchase. The perfect momento, particularly after a first time yacht charter experience. 


Clic is one of the most famous locations to purchase artwork when luxury shopping in St.Barts. From what once was a bookstore, has now evolved to become the home to some of the most beautiful contemporary pieces of art, displayed in the forms of photography, books, and fashion. If you are looking for more classical artwork of some of the most famous landmarks of the island, you will find the perfect painting at Les Petites Carreux.

Alcohol and Cigars

Why not make your trip luxury shopping at St Barts, even more memorable and buy unique alcohol and cigars to mark the occasion? Also, there are a few places that are more ideal for cigar lovers. La Casa del Habano and Le Comptoir du Cigare are renowned as the two favorite cigar shops on the island. Customers are attracted to their large selection and high-quality products.


If you are in need of new skincare, luxury shopping in St.Barts has you covered! Ligne St Barth Lorient has an amazing skincare line suitable for all skin types. As well as being fantastic for your skin, the scents of these products are exquisite. Perhaps you may like to indulge in some of the local boutiques and treat yourself to locally produced lotions and oils, created from native island greenery.

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