With its sandy beaches, unique collection of islands and breathtaking natural landscape, it is no doubt that Croatia is a top yacht charter destination. On your cruise, immerse yourself in the local Croatian culture by visiting some of the Croatia UNESCO sites this beautiful country offers.

Yacht Charter Croatia: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A country full of history and culture, it is no surprise that Croatia hosts some of the world’s most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites. From historic old towns to  breathtaking protected landscapes, these sites are sure to leave a long lasting impression. Thinking about visiting some of these marvels whilst on your luxury Croatia superyacht holiday? This is the guide for you!

Top 5 UNESCO Heritage Sites to Visit by Yacht

Interested in visiting some of Croatia’s most spectacular UNESCO Heritage sites? Then why not charter a luxury yacht with 212 Yachts this summer? Traveling from location to location has never been so smooth sailing! By embarking on a yacht charter this Summer, not only will you have rich cultural experience at the heritage sites, but a five star service experience on board too!

UNESCO Sites Croatia: Dubrovnik Old Town

Explore the limestone paved alleyways of Dubrovnik’s old town, first founded in the 7th century. Stroll through the magnificent main street of Stradun, which runs 300m through the center of the Old Town. Along here you will find buzzing bars and restaurants spilling out onto the street. 

Dubrovnik offers cultural heritage like no other

Experience the marvel of this historic town

Visit Rector’s Palace located in the center of the Old Town. The gothic-renaissance style palace that is now a museum showcasing some of the historical objects of the city.  Built in the late 15th century for the governor of Dubrovnik, this gothic-renaissance style palace is now a museum showcasing the history of Dubrovnik and its surrounding region. With portraits, historical artifacts and fully restored rooms, you will be transported back in time.

We recommend walking alongside the medieval city walls that overlook the Adriatic Sea. From here, you will experience some of the most incredible views of the coastal sunset. A city packed full of heritage and history; Dubrovnik Old Town will not disappoint.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Prepare to be left breathless upon visiting the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park. Boasting a protected wildlife nature reserve, this location is the perfect place for any nature lover. 

Both the largest and oldest national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park possesses an abundance of natural gems. The park has 16 lakes, alongside waterfalls and limestone canyons. With each turn, you will find a site after site hand crafted by Mother Nature. 

You cannot visit Plitvice Lakes National Park without witnessing the majestic nature of Veliki Slap, a 78 meter high waterfall. With a viewing platform and picnic areas, you can enjoy your lunch whilst surrounded by incredible views. 

Plitvice Lakes National has 4 different hiking trails, making the park is the ideal place for any outdoors pursuit lover to spend their day. Exploring this incredible landscape is sure to be the highlight of your charter. 

UNESCO Sites Croatia: Historic City of Trogir

One of Croatia’s oldest towns, the historic city of Trogir is a must see location when chartering in Croatia. 

Located to the North of Split on the Adriatic coast, this Medieval town can be traced back to the Illyrians in the 3rd century. 

Throughout its history, Trogir was ruled by Greece, Rome and Venice at different periods. This has given way to an incredible fusion of cultures. Visit some of the Romanesque and gothic style buildings, such as the Cathedral of St Lawrence. The cathedral took 4 centuries to build, and this Croatia UNESCO site is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece. 

The Cathedral of St Lawrence stands tall as a symbol of history in Trogir

Experience the history and culture whilst on your Croatia yacht charter

Discover Cipiko palace, a 15th century mansion where the Cipiko family once resided. Facing the cathedral, this ornate gothic style palace showcases the town’s rich heritage. 

Experience the local culture of Trogir, along with its fresh produce by exploring the Trogir fruit market, located by the bridge.

Visiting Trogir allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of Split, and experience an authentic and rich cultural experience. 

Stari Grad Plain on Hvar Island

Created by the Ancient Greeks in the 4th century BC, this fertile agricultural plain is still used today. The Stari Grad Plain, a key Croatia UNESCO site, showcases a geometrical land division system which was later used across Europe.

Separated by intact stone walls, the Stari Grad Plain illustrates the tie between natural landscapes and culture. The plain boasts lush olive grows and spiraling vineyards. Hike or cycle along these paths and appreciate the innovation of the Ancient Greeks. Why not stop along the way and try some local Croatian wine in one of the vineyards? 

Whilst you are visiting the plains, why not also discover the quaint yet charming town of Stari Grad? The area provides you with a more peaceful and local atmosphere than its neighboring city, Hvar. Walk along the picturesque waterfront of the town, perhaps stopping in one of the local restaurants to sample some fresh seafood. You can experience the calming and idyllic nature of the Petar Hektorovic Fortress, which possesses a peaceful garden and indoor fish pond. An incredible Croatia UNESCO site to explore. 

Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik

Built over the course of 100 years, St. James Cathedral in Šibenik is an architectural gem. Created entirely from stone, it took 3 different architects, Francesco di Giacomo, Georgius Mathei Dalmaticus and Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino, to oversee its completion. The cathedral is a merge of gothic and renaissance architectural styles. 

The cathedral is decorated with 71 ornately sculpted faces and a large dome feature, a highlight amonst the different Croatia UNESCO sites. 

Visit the town of Šibenik on the Dalmatian coast which was ruled by Venice in the 1400s. Here, you can stroll along the winding streets, or along the Kirka River. Learn about local history in the Šibenik City Museum which hosts over 150,000 artifacts.

Relax and unwind on one of Sibeniks stunning beaches, such as St Nicholas Beach. The crystal clear water will refresh you after a long day of exploring. 

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