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Set on the cusp of Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia is fast becoming one of the Mediterranean’s top cruising and yachting destinations for charter enthusiasts and owners alike. From an abundance of idyllic beaches to ancient coastal cities to some of the clearest waters in Europe, Croatia’s recent rapid ascent as a yacht charter destination is no surprise. This unique country located in the Central Adriatic boats over a thousand different islands and is blessed with a rambling coast that stretches over 1,777km of breath-taking shoreline for you to choose from for your superyacht itinerary Croatia.

As a country that is so rich in both culture and scenery, it can be difficult to decide which islands to visit and which route to follow when chartering a yacht. There is so much to see and experience. This superyacht itinerary Croatia, will ensure you witness the best this country has to offer. As you cruise or sail from island to island, port to port, you will see that each place has something unique to offer. The most efficient way of absorbing as much as possible of what this fascinating country has to offer, is by having a comprehensive superyacht itinerary Croatia to follow, researched and designed by one of our expert yacht charter brokers here at 212 Yachts.

Of course, this is just a guideline. If you have a preferred itinerary in mind please do let us know. Your ideas combined with the knowledge and expertise of your highly experienced Captain will ensure your superyacht itinerary Croatia is everything you could have dreamed of and more.

With breathtaking National Parks and crystal waters for scuba diving Kornati is the perfect place to start your Croatian charter holiday

Day 1: Sibenik to Kornati

Boasting of indented coastline and many islands to cruise to, Kornati is one the most popular sailing and cruising destinations on Croatia’s Adriatic Coast. The city has many marinas and islands to visit. To name a few, the islands of PagUhlijan, Ist Pasman and Murter are the places many charters visit on their superyacht itinerary Croatia, for their beautiful coasts and crystal-clear waters.

Kornati also has national parks including Kornati National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park. With white sandy beaches, historic towns and perfect wind conditions, it’s no surprise Kornati is one of the top yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean region.

Day 2: Kornati to Split

Split is the second largest city in the country and one of the most popular starting places for yacht charter Croatia holidays. With so much to do and see here, we definitely suggest spending a day or two soaking up this captivating urban centre during your yacht charter. The Old Town, which is over 2000 years old, features many hidden bays and a number of truly stunning islands. Some of these islands which will feature later in your superyacht itinerary Croatia, offer wonderful beaches, summer festivals and water sports activities. One should most definitely explore the old town’s many historic places. The Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian for example, is one not to be missed.

Then, once your feet have done a very substantial amount of exploring and wandering, you can kick back and relax as your luxury vessel takes you to the next stop of your superyacht itinerary Croatia.

Split has it all, from great food and wine to a rich history and a great festival scene. There is definitely something for everyone on board here.

Day 3: Split to Brac

Brac, and neighbouring island Solta are the most uninhabited islands of Croatia. They are renowned for their glistening blue and totally transparent waters, beaches of white fluffy sand and authentic olive trees. This stunning haven island is the ideal location for some rest and recuperation. You and your guests can spend hours swimming and snorkelling in the gentle rippling sea. Take a romantic stroll along the cloud-like sand. Or if you’re still up for more, explore the quiet and undisturbed natural beauty of the island further. Wine tasting is also a popular activity undertaken by those who venture to this tranquil island.

Brac, despite its proximity to the livelier Split, is actually one of the least “touristy” destinations of many islands in the Dalmatia area. Enjoy the seclusion, peace and quiet before heading to the more well-known islands.

Day 4: Brac to Hvar

Hvar is known as the party island of the Adriatic Sea, in particular Hula Hula Beach. However, there is also much more to the island than its infamous party scene.

From super-clubs to beach festivals, Hvar has become a premier destination on Europe’s party circuit. With many large events hosted here throughout the summer months. Be sure to hit up the chic bars on this leg of your superyacht itinerary Croatia, where a Tropezienne ambiance is emphatically embraced. Some of the most popular spots for an evening of dancing and drinks are Carpe Diem and Falko Bar. Positively let loose and enjoy yourself before returning to your charter yacht where recovery is made so much easier. After all, there is nothing quite like a fresh morning swim from the swimming platform or some rejuvenating Jacuzzi therapy to bring back your energy levels.

If moonlit beach parties aren’t on your superyacht itinerary Croatia bucket list, Hvar is still an absolute must see. From mouth-watering cuisine to breath-taking beaches, Hvar has something for everyone. You will find some of the most aesthetic and picturesque beaches of Croatia (and there are many) on Hvar. Malo Zarace Beach, Dubovica Beach and Pokonji Dol are all the epitome of a little slice of heaven. One can relax on an exclusive private beach courtesy of Hotel Amfora or unwind in the high-end luxury spa at Suncani. Hvar town is also home to many rustic restaurants which will tantalise the palette of all foodies.

Hvar has a reputation for being one of Croatia's most beautiful islands, making it a must see destination on your yacht charter holiday.

Day 5: Hvar to Vis

Next stop on your superyacht itinerary Croatia, is the wonderful Vis. Vis is the furthest island from the Croatian Coast and the most alluring and mysterious of all the islands. The town still features much of its historic charm as many of its ancient buildings, walls and streets still remain today. The Leveman Fortress is just one of the several fortresses you can visit to immerse yourself in the history and culture of this island. The canons standing on the top of Cape Stupisce are significant in that they remind both locals and tourists of Vis’ historic war that their ancestors endured. One can even take a full Vis Military Tour whilst visiting this island. Finally, a trip to Vis is never fully complete without visiting the ancient Roman baths and detecting the similarity to Capri at the blue grotto.

After learning the intriguing and dramatic history of this small island, why not unwind with a beverage in the well-known Hotel Tamaris with spectacular views as far as the eye can see. And while entering and departing the port, don’t forget to look out for dolphins who like to reside here from time to time.

Day 5: Vis to Korcula (cruising passed Scedro)

Scedro is located along the south of Hvar and has an extraordinarily beautiful coastline. This coastline is all the more remarkable due to its untouched natural beauty. The island of Scedro has all the traits of a nature park and is therefore totally immaculate and pure. The island is home to many private and secluded coves. There you can drop anchor and take in the astonishing work of Mother Nature. Although many do not venture on to the island, it is still definitely worth to cruise by en route to Korcula.

Korcula is the largest island in the Dubrovnik area. This stop on your superyacht itinerary Croatia is distinct for a number of reasons. One being that this island is in fact the birthplace of Marco Polo. Korcula is built on what was once an ancient Greek colony and is full of history, culture, tradition and authenticity. Many Gothic Renaissance buildings line the narrow Mediterranean-style streets. And a sea of rustic orange rooftops is the first thing you see as you approach the island. Korcula is another enchanting island to explore because many of the locals still to this day practice and perform traditional customs passed from generation to generation. They also still enjoy their Medieval Knight game “Moreska” that occurs in the main squares.

One can also spend a day or two wandering the rich forest land. With glorious vineyards and olive groves, while tasting some of the exquisite local cuisine.

Korcula is famous for its white wine, spend a wonderful day here strolling through vineyards on a wine tasting tour.

Day 6: Korcula to Mljet

Mljet is one of the most beautiful of the Croatian islands due its rich and plentiful vegetation. The city lies amid the most crystal-clear waters. Which are home to a wide variety of underwater sea life. Its coast is full of pristine white beaches. Cruising towards this island during your superyacht itinerary Croatia is like cruising towards an island of a storybook.

One could easily spend a day cruising around the stunning Elaphite islands admiring the scenery like no other. Drop anchor in Luka Polace and enjoy hours in the sunshine, floating in the saltwater lakes. Mljet is famous for its delicious selection of both red and white wine and also goat’s cheese. Following an afternoon of swimming and cruising, perhaps enjoy a scrumptious dinner on Melitta. This is a quaint yet utterly romantic island in the centre of the largest saltwater lake. Watch the sunset over the horizon whilst breathing in the purest of air courtesy of the fresh sea breeze and unspoilt forestry.

Day 7: Mljet to Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is known as “The Pearl of the Adriatic” for many beautiful reasons. Located in the south of Dalmatia, Dubrovnik offers a tour of Croatia’s finest food and culture. It also has an idyllic old marina and several national parks. The uninhabited islands of Elafiti are a popular stop for many charters along their superyacht itinerary Croatia.

The beautiful Old Town of Dubrovnik consists of traditional white limestone streets and rustic Baroque buildings. One could spend hours, if not days exploring this city of such Bohemian charm.

Whilst cruising to this final stop of your dream superyacht itinerary Croatia, it is definitely worth cruising and stopping by both the Mljet National Park and the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park. The city’s elegance and culture, coupled with the serenity of the national parks and surrounding islands, make Dubrovnik the perfect end destination of your superyacht itinerary Croatia.

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