Explore the Croatian Coastline by Yacht Charter

Set on the cusp of Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, a private yacht charter Croatia is fast becoming one of the Mediterranean’s essential experiences for charter enthusiasts and yacht owners alike. With a rambling coastline that stretches 1,777 km, with an abundance of idyllic beaches, sparsely populated archipelagos, ancient coastal urban centres and some of the clearest waters in Europe, Croatia’s recent rapid ascent as a yacht charter destination is no surprise. Away from the coastline, you will find a region steeped in rich cultural history, remarkably intertwined with one of the most vibrant nightlifes in the Mediterranean. Interested to hear more about Croatia yacht charter? Contact our team of charter brokers now, or continue reading for a further taste of this tantalising Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter destination.


Aesthetically and atmospherically diverse, there are islands to compliment any Croatia yacht charter itinerary.

Yacht Charter Croatia is an Island Lovers Dream

Over a thousand islands line Croatia’s dramatic coastline, with only a handful hosting a significant number of inhabitants. Aesthetically and atmospherically diverse, there are islands to compliment any Croatia yacht charter itinerary. From crisp sandy beaches to Michelin starred restaurants. And from silent turquoise bays to electric gourmet bars. These beautiful archipelagos facilitate an array of yacht charter experiences. Whether it’s exploring the medieval villages on Cres, detecting the similarity to Capri at the blue grotto of Vis, taking in the diverse landscapes on Rab or partying in Hvar, our team of charter brokers will tailor your island-hopping holiday to ensure you discover the very best of Croatia.

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Explore tumbling waterfalls, rolling mountains and dense undiscovered forestry, all remaining delightfully unspoilt.

7-Day Yacht Charter Croatia Itinerary

Set off on Day 1: Split → Šolta (Maslinica)

Yacht Charter Croatia - Discover the beauty of Split

A spectacle on the Adriatic

  • Morning: Begin your unforgettable yacht charter Croatia journey in the bustling city of Split. Board your yacht, and as you settle in, set sail towards Šolta, a gem in the Adriatic Sea.
  • Afternoon: Drop anchor at Maslinica, a quaint village that epitomizes Croatia’s coastal charm. Here, embrace the luxury of your yacht charter Croatia experience by diving into pristine waters or roaming the village’s historic lanes.
  • Evening: Enjoy an on-deck cocktail, watching the sunset paint the Croatian sky.

Discover Island Beauty on Day 2: Šolta → Hvar Town, Hvar Island

  • Morning: As the day breaks, continue your yacht charter Croatia voyage to the glamorous Hvar Island. Enjoy a leisurely brunch on deck, basking in the Mediterranean sun.
  • Afternoon: Dock at Hvar Town, a must-visit during any yacht charter Croatia adventure. Explore the ancient streets and visit the iconic Hvar Fortress.
  • Evening: Experience Hvar’s lively nightlife, reminiscent of Mediterranean glamor and Croatian tradition.

Explore Croatia’s Untouched Beauty on Day 3: Hvar (Pakleni Islands)

Charter a yacht to the beautiful island of Hvar

A journey to ancient times awaits

  • Morning: A short charter takes you to the Pakleni Islands, an essential stop for any yacht charter in Croatia due to its untouched beauty.
  • Afternoon: Palmižana Bay is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Dive, snorkel, or simply relax on the sun-kissed beaches.
  • Evening: Host an alfresco dinner on your yacht, enveloped by the serenity of the Pakleni Islands.

Visit the Infamous Island of Vis on Day 4: Hvar → Vis

  • Morning: Another day, another Croatian paradise! Set sail for Vis, enjoying the luxurious comfort of your yacht charter Croatia experience.
  • Afternoon: Dive into the wonders of Vis. The Blue Cave, located on nearby Biševo Island, is a natural marvel that radiates a surreal blue light.
  • Evening: Sip local Vis wines on board, reveling in the tranquility that only a yacht charter Croatia vacation can offer.

The Island Hopping Adventure Continues on Day 5: Vis → Korčula

Visit the ancient city of Korkula on your yacht

Discover the ancient realms of times past

  • Morning: As dawn breaks, chart a course for Korčula, an island rich in history and folklore.
  • Afternoon: Walk through Korčula Town, soaking in its Venetian architecture and tracing the steps of the legendary Marco Polo.
  • Evening: The island often hosts traditional Croatian performances — a cultural touch to your yacht charter Croatia adventure.

UNESCO Natural Delights await you on Day 6: Korčula → Stari Grad, Hvar Island

  • Morning: The journey back towards Hvar provides ample opportunity to enjoy the luxury of your yacht charter.
  • Afternoon: At Stari Grad, explore the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain, then find solace in the clear waters of Lanterna Beach.
  • Evening: The ambient lighting of Stari Grad’s harbor adds a romantic touch to your evening.

Return to the Jewel of Croatia on Day 7: Stari Grad → Split

  • Morning: As your yacht charter Croatia journey nears its end, sail back to the iconic city of Split. Delight in a final swim in the Adriatic’s clear waters.
  • Afternoon: Revisit Split’s historic wonders, including the ancient Diocletian’s Palace.
  • Evening: Reflect on your Croatian adventure by taking a final stroll along Split’s Riva Promenade, promising yourself a return to this Adriatic paradise.

961 Square Kilometres of National Park Beauty

Set amongst its wonderful islands and beaches, Croatia also boasts eight vast national parks. Among these havens of Mediterranean natural beauty you can explore tumbling waterfalls, rolling mountains and dense undiscovered forestry. Which all still remains delightfully unspoilt. A yacht charter in Croatia is a true asset for a nature lover, allowing exclusive access to some of the most remote and idyllic landmarks in the region. Including the saltwater lakes at Mljet, the dramatic colours of Brijuni’s plants and the oldest protected area in the Mediterranean at Kornati. So are you looking forward to explore Croatia’s natural beauty? Talk to our team today about itineraries and yachts that capture your dream yacht charter Croatia.

A hotbed of history and amalgamation of civilisations has blessed the region with a diverse architectural identity.

A Rich Culture and Remarkable History

With its location between the Balkans and Central Europe, Croatia has been part of various Kingdoms, Empires and Republics throughout its long history. This hotbed of history and amalgamation of civilisations has blessed the region with a diverse architectural identity. From Roman forts, ancient walled cities, Venetian style marketplaces and early Slavic churches. Split is archetypal of this blend, where well preserved Roman monuments sit seamlessly amongst trendy modern shops and bars.

Despite such a varied history, Croatian’s are vehemently proud of their national identity. Therefore they are enthusiastic to share their culture with tourists. Visit one of the many family run tavernas that sit along the coast and you will no doubt be greeted by a flock of friendly locals. There you will be served a delicious authentic feast in the process. If a taste of vibrant culture and fascinating historical stories allure, then yacht charter Croatia is second to none.

Croatian cuisine is typically Mediterranean, supplemented by delicious local specialities.

Light Up Your Taste-Buds with a Croatia Yacht Charter

Croatian cuisine is typically Mediterranean, which is supplemented by delicious local specialities. Rich olive oil can be sampled all along the coast. And is best enjoyed accompanying traditional prosciutto on the aft deck of your luxury yacht charter. For the full Croatian experience, be sure to order a traditional Pašticada or Čobanac at one of the local tavernas. These hearty stews are the ideal dish to restore some energy after a day of exploration, on or off land. Croatia’s flourishing restaurant scene means you will also have plenty of opportunity to indulge in some world class fine dining, which can compete with the delights served by your private chef on-board. Highlights include Pelegrini in Sibenik, the Michelin Starred Restaurant Monte at Rovinj. Also the charming seafood restaurant Plavi Podrum in Volosko harbour is a true gem.

Europe’s Most Vibrant Nightlife?

From super-clubs to beach festivals, Croatia has become a premier destination on Europe’s party circuit. With a major event almost every evening throughout the summer months! Hit up the chic bars of Hvar, where a Tropezienne ambiance is emphatically embraced. Or stay up all night at Zrće Beach or dance amongst the ancient walls of Split before returning to your charter yacht where recovery is made easy. There’s nothing quite like a fresh morning swim from the swimming platform. Of course some Jacuzzi therapy to bring back your energy levels isn’t bad as well.

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Why Charter a Yacht in Croatia?

A yacht charter allows complete flexibility and mobility, which allows you to experience the best of Croatia at your own pace and to your own design. With a full-time, specialist crew, you will enjoy silver star service throughout your yacht charter in Croatia. Also you will benefit from the crew’s extensive insider knowledge of cruising grounds. No other vacation allows this remarkable combination of comfort, privacy and flexibility, resulting in unmatchable value for money.

To explore the possibility of yacht charter Croatia, contact our team of charter brokers. With years of experience organising yacht charters in Croatia and a deep familiarity of the charter yachts in the region, we will ensure you secure the perfect yacht at the most competitive rate, and enjoy an itinerary with all the ingredients that are important to you.

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