The Beauty of Sailing Catamarans

Catamarans – or ‘cats’ as they’re colloquially known – are a type of sailing vessel that are seldom given the attention they deserve. Before we dive into the benefits of sailing a catamaran, let’s take a look at what exactly they are and what sets them apart from other sailing vessels.

Simply put, a catamaran is a boat with two hulls. This design makes the catamaran a generally more stable vessel with a wider deck and more living space than mono-hulled boats. The ancient Polynesians saw the value in this multi-hulled design, as can be seen in the form of the outrigger canoes of the time. The Polynesian people traversed vast miles of uncharted oceans. These early catamarans helped them safely navigate those mysterious and unpredictable seas.

There is quite a debate among yachtsmen surrounding monohulls and catamarans, concerning which is the superior boat. However, there is no clear winner. Of course, there are drawbacks and advantages to both designs. The choice you make depends on both your personal preferences for sailing, as well as on how you plan to use your boat. With that said, let’s go a little deeper and find out why a catamaran may be the perfect boating choice for you.

Catamarans offer Ease of Sailing

If you are new to sailing and handling boating vessels, do not let the catamaran’s larger size intimidate you. The catamaran makes a great learning platform for new and inexperienced boaters due to its ease of handling. The stable design lends itself to a smooth sailing experience that will be much appreciated by those who haven’t boated before. Easy manoeuvrability is another highlight of sailing catamarans. They are wider than monohulls and may appear less manageable. However, the intuitive controls of a catamaran make it simple to navigate and dock in tight spaces.

Safety Features

Catamarans have certain safety features that are built into their design. One of these features is the double rudder and engine. Rudder or engine damage will not become a catastrophe as they can with a monohull, as the second rudder and engine may be used as a backup. The double hull makes the catamaran intrinsically stable and resistant to heeling.

Because of a catamaran’s stable design and natural buoyancy, these boats are virtually unsinkable. Those who criticize multi-hulled vessels point to a fear of capsizing. That risk has been all but eliminated in modern catamaran designs.

Coming to Shore

Another benefit of sailing a catamaran is the ease at which they can be brought to shore. Because of the catamaran’s low draft, they can be brought into shallow waters with ease. This makes them a good choice for those who enjoy snorkelling and swimming, as you can remain close to shore without going far from your boat.

If you prefer to anchor a bit further away from the shore, the catamaran is also less susceptible to tidal pulls and rocking.

Water Access

chartering a catamaran
chartering a catamaran

Catamarans are the ideal vessel for activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling. One of the reasons for this is their easy water access. Sugar scoops offer safe and easy entry into the water, with wide steps for climbing in and out. You and your guests will enjoy effortless access to water activities without the need for ladders.

Living Comfort

Whatever side of the debate you happen to be on, one thing that everyone can agree the catamaran is superior for is daily living. The wide, open decks of these boats make it the perfect choice for long journeys where livability is key. For those who are used to the more limited quarters of a monohull, the spacious and comfortable sleeping and living areas available on a catamaran will come as a welcome change.

The sleeping quarters in a catamaran aren’t below deck as they are in a monohull. Therefore, you may find you have more peace and quiet during the night.

Roomy and organized kitchen areas make preparing food and drink a breeze. Entertaining couldn’t be easier on a catamaran. Guests can move about freely and enjoy the views from large, shaded areas on deck.

Beyond comfort and travelling ease, your guests will also enjoy sleek and modern designs on our catamarans. The view that catamarans do not have the same aesthetic appeal as classic monohulls is falling by the wayside. Multihull designs are constantly improving in both style and function. With the classy and contemporary  styling of our catamarans, your guests will feel as though they are spending the night in a high-end resort.

Guest and Pet Friendly Catamarans

For those who would like to entertain more often, the catamaran is the guest-friendly sailing vessel of choice. Even guests who aren’t used to sailing are comfortable with the smooth motion and stability of a catamaran. Those with seasickness often find they have an easier time sailing on a double-hulled boat as opposed to a monohull. Moving from the front of the boat to the back will also be easier for guests with less sailing experience due to the catamaran’s wide and level design. The considerable amount of living space on catamarans accommodates large groups of guests well. So much space provides more options and privacy than traditional monohulls do.

This design makes it a good choice for those who prefer to travel with pets as well. The safety and ease of navigation your pets will find on a catamaran cannot be matched by other vessels. You can rest assured knowing that your beloved companions are enjoying themselves as much as you are.

While everyone has their own preferences for sailing vessels, when it comes to entertaining and spending a length of time at sea, catamarans have clear advantages. These ships offer safety, style, and of course, unparalleled comfort and ease of travel. If you feel a catamaran would be a good fit for you, visit us at 212 Yachts to learn more about these fine crafts today.

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