In the heart of the Mediterranean waters lies the beautiful country of Greece. Blessed with wonderful shorelines, warm turquoise waters, and sunny weather, a yacht charter Greece holiday is definitely a good idea.

The ruggedly beautiful cliffs, coastlines, and shores of Greece are dotted with white houses, the Greek beaches and marinas have become a popular private luxury yacht charter in the world. Sailing on a private yacht is one of the ideal ways to explore the Greek coastlines and discover hidden beaches, coves, and anchorages. Aside from the sea and beaches, the land of the ancient gods and the birthplace of democracy will seduce you with its history, culture, and food.

Get the authentic taste of the Mediterranean food, visit ancient temples and historic buildings, drink wine inside a famous restaurant in a cave. Live the dream while sailing and cruising in the warm waters of the 23 large islands and 200 smaller islands of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

The Best Time for Yacht Charter or Yacht Rental Greece Holidays

The best time to go sailing and cruising in Greece is during the warm months. The peak season for yacht charter starts in April to the end of November, but the busiest months are in July and August. During these summer months especially in July and August, many cruises in the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Ios, Rhodes, Lefkas, and Sarcsonic. The water is generally warm and the winds are fairly strong. These conditions are perfect to go swimming, snorkeling, and sailing.

While during the months around the peak season – May, June, September, and October, when the weather is still warm, there are fewer tourists, and it will be easier to charter a yacht. Also, during these times, the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands are usually lush in greens.

And since the country has many beautiful white sand beaches and coastal areas for sailing and anchoring, luxury yacht charter Greece plans should involve these. You will surely have a wonderful time!

The Cyclades

Get on an island hopping adventure as you make drop anchor at the different islands of the Cyclades aboard your private yacht charter.

With gorgeous beaches, white and blue houses, and warm people, these groups of islands are well-known throughout the Aegean Sea. The islands of Andros, Mykonos, Kea, and much more are popular with both foreign and local tourists.

The Cyclades have many picturesque islands you can visit during your private charter yacht Greece getaway. The islands are also known for their mouthwatering cuisines.


Sunbathe on the famous white houses by the beach of Santorini and cruise the crystal blue waters on your private yacht charter.

One of the Cyclades islands, Santorini has a rugged landscape with its famous candy-colored houses built on the cliffs. This peaceful island features volcanic black sand beaches where you can sunbathe and watch as the sun sets on the horizon.

There are many world-class resorts in Santorini that offers top-class accommodation. You can explore the historical ruins located in the Santorini island complex – Thirassia, Thira, Palea, Aspronissi, and NeaKameni.

Next Stop on your Greece Yacht Charter – Rhodes

Rhodes emerald blue water attracts “yacthers” with its beauty. Explore Greece 4th largest island in comfort of your yacht charter.

The fourth largest island in Greece, Rhodes is the most popular port for “yachters” and sailors planning to cruise the southeast. Rhodes is a mountainous island with fertile valleys where you can find trees such as olive, lemon, fig, and pear.

Rhodes’ emerald blue water attracts people to take a dip and swim during the summer months. There are many islands to cruise in the area during your motor yacht charter Greece holiday, like Symi Island, Halki Island and more. The largest island in the Dodecanese features many anchorages, high-rise hotels, and other tourist spots.

How to find the Best Yacht For Your Greece Yacht Charter

With many things to do and more to see, it can be confusing and hard for you to select which yacht charter to choose for your Greek sailing adventure. 212 Yachts has access to luxury private yacht charters in the region. Our team of experienced brokers will help you find the charter that fits your itineraries and needs.

From the islands and beaches, you want to visit and where you want to eat and stay, our team will make sure to tailor everything you want. We will make sure Greek yacht charter will be luxurious and filled with adventure.

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