Planning the Perfect Romantic Yacht Charter

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Searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day surprise? The perfect proposal destination? A special anniversary, or just to show appreciation to your loved one? Then a romantic yacht charter could be perfect for you. Dine at candlelight under the stars while at anchor in one of the world’s most secluded destinations. Walk along quiet moonlit beaches, and return to your yacht, decorated with your partners favourite flowers and chilled champagne at the bar…whatever your vision, a romantic yacht charter will deliver.

The French Riviera: The Quintessential Romantic Charter Destination

A French Riviera yacht charter is one of the most beautiful and romantic experiences that money can buy. Aside from the beautiful weather, the coastline is dotted with glamorous seaside resorts and a plentiful selection of acclaimed restaurants to sample. Begin your charter in Nice, or enjoy a spectacular helicopter ride to Monaco or Antibes, and begin your romantic yacht charter in style. Highlights of a week-long charter include the stunning Porquerolles, where you’ll be amongst the few lucky enough to stay on Plage D’Argent or Plage Notre Dame past early evening. See the glamour of Cannes; the exclusivity of Saint Tropez; the authentic eateries of Antibes and magical Monaco. With a luxury honeymoon in the South of France, our Cannes office will be delighted to assist.

The French Riviera is the quintessential romantic getaway destination. With peaceful bays, exquisite restaurants, isolated islands and coastal retreats, it really does have it all.

Island Hopping by Yacht in Spain or Greece

Formentera yacht charter is a great option if you just love the island experience. Located just South of Ibiza, Formentera boasts some of the best beaches in Europe, and great access to the mainland of Ibiza. In a 10 day Balearic Islands yacht charter, you can explore much of Ibiza and Menorca / Mallorca. Of course, if you fall in love with a particular island (this is a romantic yacht charter after all!), you have the flexibility to change your plans and stay at a destination for longer. No need to compromise here!

Island hoppers will also love the East Mediterranean paradise of Greece. Both Mykonos and Santorini make fabulous romantic yachting destinations, with breath-taking views every which way. So explore onshore together or ask your captain to show you the islands’ hidden gems that only tenders can access (no crowds to spoil a picture-perfect moment!). Of course with a romantic Greek yacht charter, you will also have exclusive access to the hundreds of islands dotted along the coast.

For island hopping, Spain and Greece are both great destinations.

Planning a Winter Wedding? Enjoy a Luxury Honeymoon in the Caribbean

If your celebration is not a Summer affair, consider an Exuma yacht charter. The 365 islands of the Exumas in the Bahamas offer some of the best scuba-diving and snorkelling in the world, and you’ll get to swim in Thunderball Grotto and feed the wild pigs at Pig Beach. Closer to the equator, you can enjoy a Caribbean yacht charter.

St Lucia (click here for a St Lucia yacht charter itinerary) offers a similar chic castaway sensation to the Bahamian Outer Islands. While you motor along the island’s coastline to find secluded beaches, further inland you’ll find magical waterfalls. You could also book in for a couple’s treatment and massage at the renowned Rainforest Spa. Just South of St Lucia lie the Grenadines. There you’ll find a relatively untouched chain of 32 islands that offers ideal cruising conditions and an attractive selection of activities to suit all couples. You can find more details about a Grenadines yacht charter here, or contact our team for personalised advice.

For the adventurous, the Maldives offer a great experience. With a romantic yacht charter in the Maldives, you’ll be able to move between islands with five-star resorts to uninhabited lands that you’ll have all to yourself. While the number of yachts available for charter in the Maldives is fewer than the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, a growing number of owners are relocating to this region during peak season, giving you a nice selection of luxury vessels.

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For a winter break, the Bahamas and the Caribbean have it all. For the more adventurous, the Maldives are increasingly popular.


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