The Ultimate Exuma Yacht Charter

The Exuma island chain in the Bahamas boasts over 365 islands (cays), providing a variety of attractions. Choosing an Exuma yacht charter allows you to access the beauty of the Bahamas easily. You’ll enjoy picturesque sandy beaches, secluded anchorages, vibrant sea-scapes, excellent restaurants, and upscale resorts. Beginning just 35 nautical miles south of Nassau, home to Lynden International Airport with regular commercial flights to the mainland United States and Europe, an Exuma yacht charter is conveniently accessible, solidifying its status as one of the world’s top yacht charter destinations.

The Exumas, with three main areas—Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and The Exuma Cays—offer a mix that complements and contrasts Nassau’s lively resorts. Great and Little Exuma are famous for their laid-back atmosphere and sparsely populated beaches. In contrast, the Exuma Cays showcase luxury resorts and private homes amid some of the region’s most stunning scenery.

Due to its low elevation and position in the Gulf Stream, the Bahamas enjoys a winterless climate, making it ideal for yacht rental. The peak season, from December to April, experiences average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius, with the sea a delightful 23 degrees Celsius. Christmas and New Year are the most sought-after dates for Exuma yacht charter, so it’s wise to plan your retreat well in advance.

Peak season in the Bahamas runs from December to April where the islands see average temperatures of 25 degrees celsius and a divine 23 degrees celsius in the sea.


This itinerary provides a glimpse of the possibilities during a one-week yacht rental in the Bahamas. Your Exuma yacht charter remains completely flexible, allowing you to move as you please (weather permitting) and tailor your charter with activities to create a truly memorable family vacation. The captain and crew, experts in their field, will guide you throughout your experience, offering advice and working to customize your days based on your preferences.

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Day 1: Nassau to Highbourne Cay

Embark on your Exuma yacht charter in Nassau, where your crew eagerly awaits on the aft deck to welcome you on board! Upon introductions, savor a refreshing welcome beverage and take a guided tour of your charter vessel. Set sail on a short cruise across the Yellow Banks toward the elegant Exumas, relaxing on the aft deck with a breakfast spread tailored to your preferences.

Without delay, Allan’s Cay will come into view, showcasing dazzling turquoise waters and vibrant sandy beaches. Here, you might encounter the critically endangered Bahamian Dragon, an Iguana species. Allan’s Cay provides beautiful anchorages for your first lunch in paradise, and warm, crystal-clear waters for enjoying your collection of water toys.

Continuing to Highborne Cay, indulge in some of the world’s most stunning, rarely occupied beaches on the eastern shore. Relish your first evening meal on the aft deck, crafted to your preferences, and savor an evening drink as the sun sets, revealing an unbelievably starry sky. This is an ideal time to sit with your captain and discuss the daily agenda for your luxury yacht charter in the Exumas in more detail.

Begin your charter in the electric capital Nassau, whose Lynden International Airport is well connected to both the mainland U.S. and Europe.

Day 2: Bell Island 

On day 2, enjoy breakfast at anchor. Afterward, swim or snorkel in the warm waters at Highbourne Cay. Cruise south to Norman’s Cay, a former smugglers’ hotspot with world-class diving spots like Octopus Garden and Hammerhead Glutch. Explore the submerged wreckage of a smuggler’s plane for a unique adventure. For a laid-back lunch on land, MacDuff’s is your only option!

The afternoon unfolds with exploration of secluded beaches on Bell Island—an ideal setting for a private beach BBQ. If you prefer a formal setting or a social drink, choose the impressive Harbour Club Restaurant. For the more adventurous, nearby Compass Cay offers the unique opportunity to interact with friendly nurse sharks swimming right off the docks. An Exuma yacht charter promises a journey filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Test your nerves at Compass Cay, where you can swim with wild (but friendly) sharks.

Day 3: Staniel Cay

Renowned for the iconic Thunderball Grotto in James Bond films, Staniel Cay stands out in the Exuma Island Chain. The Grotto is a top-notch snorkeling/diving spot, bursting with colorful coral and abundant tropical fish.

Beyond its fame, Staniel Cay excels in bone, reef, and deep-sea fishing. It’s also a perfect spot to savor authentic rum punch at Kermit’s Hilltop Restaurant and Tavern, offering excellent food, drinks, and views that showcase the friendly locals.

For on-land exploration, many guests choose to rent a golf cart from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, immersing themselves in the island lifestyle. Alternatively, spend the afternoon on the nearby Pig Beach of Big Major, getting up close and personal with the adorable swimming pigs—a unique experience during your Exuma yacht charter.

Staniel Cay is an Exuma vacation must! The swimming pigs love to be petted and fed and are sure to be a highlight for children and adults alike.

Day 4: Great Guana Cay

On Day 4 morning, sail leisurely to Great Guana Cay. This 9-mile-long island boasts an incredible five-and-a-half-mile-long beach—the Bahamas’ longest, often deserted. Drop anchor, enjoy water toys, explore the beach, and relax on deck. Your crew serves canapés, fresh fruit, and juices.

After a delightful lunch onboard, head to Farmer’s Cay Yacht Club. This charming marina offers beautiful surroundings, an intimate atmosphere, and the warmth of the local community. Just 50-70 people call this cay home. An evening there promises relaxation during your Exuma yacht charter.

This 9-mile-long island boasts an incredible five-and-a-half mile long beach (the longest in the Bahamas), much of which is typically deserted.

Day 5: Warderick Wells

Warderick Wells promises unforgettable memories. It is a haven for various ecosystems. These include bluffs, sand dunes, mangrove creeks, and sand flats.

For a leisurely pre-lunch walk, explore gentle trails totaling 7 miles. Climb to the Park Ranger’s porch on Boo Hill for panoramic views. On Powerful Beach, discover the skeleton of a 53’ sperm whale. In addition, explore the ruins of the 1700s Loyalist Plantation for a glimpse into the island’s history.

The afternoon is dedicated to the wonders beneath the surface. With strict preservation efforts in place, this offers unparalleled opportunities to explore tropical sea life. This area boasts the best snorkeling experience imaginable. As a result, encounter countless tropical fish, turtles, rays, and lobsters.

After an afternoon immersed in nature, relax in your private beach club. In addition, ascend to the upper deck for a delightful dinner of freshly caught fish. Enjoy an evening soaking in the sunset. This is a highlight of any Bahamas yacht rental experience.

Established as the headquarters for the Exumas Land and Sea Park in the mid-1980s, Waderick Wells is home to a variety of naturally occurring ecosystems.

Day 6: Shroud Cay

Shroud Cay, a captivating archipelago of rocks and cays, surrounds a shallow tidal mangrove salina. This is a vibrant nursery for conch, sea turtles, crawfish (lobster), birds, and a diverse array of exotic fish. This marina sanctuary offers abundant choices for exploration.

The Exumas Wall is widely acclaimed as one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. After a day of discovery, set sail for Eleuthera.

Shroud Cay is a beautiful archipelago of rocks and cays surrounding a shallow tidal mangrove salina which serves as a vibrant nursery for conch, sea turtles, crawfish (lobster), birds and a huge variety of exotic fish.

Day 7: Eleuthera

Eleuthera is where the royal blue waters of the Atlantic merge into the sparkling turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. This is a spectacle known as the ‘glass-window’ that is truly a must-see.

For surfing enthusiasts, Surfer’s Beach offers large swells. Ten Bay Beach provides a more relaxed experience with shallow waters and an interesting cave to explore. To get up close to the region’s turtle population, a visit to Edwin’s Turtle Lake Marine Reserve is a must.

Also, don’t miss sampling a pineapple from the so-called pineapple capital of the world. Explore the vibrant gardens, ornate churches, alluring boutiques, and quaint architecture scattered around the island. Enjoy your final dinner onboard. Perhaps request your chef to prepare an extra special meal for this grand celebration. Unwind in your jacuzzi under the warm blanket of stars with a glass of your favorite drink.

At the 'glass-window' of Eleuthera, the royal blue waters of the Atlantic merge into the sparkling turquoise of the Caribbean Sea.

Day 8: Nassau

Cruising back through the picturesque Yellow Bank into Nassau marks the end of your island adventure. It’s time to prepare for disembarkation. Slowly sailing into the port, you’ll transition back to the reality of normal life, leaving the sun-kissed beaches behind.

Your captain will arrange transport to Lynden Airport or your hotel. This will allow you to continue enjoying your luxury holiday in the Bahamas. Take solace in the warm thought that the memories made will be cherished forever.

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