The Palais des Festivals rolled out the red carpet last week to make way for the annual Cannes Yachting Festival. A celebration of all things nautical, Vieux Port and Port Canto were oozing sophistication. We were there, were you?

This year’s event was jam-packed, boasting over 600 boats and 548 exhibitors. The footfall was heavy as usual, with at least 50,000 attending. The festival was a chance to see all of the new trends in yachting, with docks of superyachts and sailboats seeming to last for miles.

Vieux Port had it all....

Vieux Port was a land of luxury with the latest top of the range Super Yachts being sold. 122 boats were on view for the first time in the world and 150 of them were over 20 meters long! Guests were invited to take a tour of the state-of-the-art interiors, with many yachts boasting a full kitchen, dining room and master bedroom. Top suppliers were also showcasing their best wares, from food to furniture, Vieux Port had it all!

Maserati sponsored the event and were displaying only their newest models for potential buyers. To add to this exclusivity, organisers even created a specialist ‘Luxury Gallery’ this year, featuring high end brands such as Alexandre Bianchi, Carter and White and Giolleria Vintage.

Port Canto hosted the 'Sailing Area', perfect for those looking to charter

Port Canto showcased the other side of the industry, hosting many brokers within the ‘sailing area’ with yachts above 22 meters for sale. These second-hand models were ideal for those looking to charter, and many were delighted by the huge variety on display. The ‘Toys’ section was every sea-lover’s dream, featuring jet-skis, hot tubs and all the other essentials for a fun day yachting.

Bursting onto the eco-friendly scene: X Shore eElectric 8000 Smögen Edition

There was also a nod to eco-friendly Super Yachts, with a number of boats being advertised as having low carbon emissions. The X Shore eElectric 8000 Smögen Edition was one of the stars of the Vieux Port, with the new boat being 100% electric and still reaching a top speed of 25 knots. In an age where global warming is becoming an ever-growing concern, these new types offer a way for people to carry on yachting, without having a carbon footprint on their conscience.

212 Yachts were pleased to see so many visitors, especially with our office being in the centre of Port Canto! If you would like to charter yachts like these, please visit us at: or call us on: 0033 (0) 4 92 95 83 06

Jed Duane

Written by Jed Duane

Jed traveled from the countryside of Ireland to the Mediterranean in search of sun, sea and a story. With his marketing background and love of all things water, Jed is running the 212 blog and our marketing platforms this season. He is always learning about the yachting industry while sharing and probing all of our yacht experts for nitty gritty details,

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