MIPIM Yacht Charter

The countless benefits and What you can expect from a MIPIM Yacht Charter

Interested in MIPIM yacht charter? This event is one of the real estate industry’s most prestigious conferences, hosted mid-March in Cannes each year. High-profile and aspiring attendees charter a yacht at this prestigious Cannes Event, taking advantage of the many benefits of a yacht to accommodate senior executives, and host intimate meetings in addition to larger evening events. Our team of experts has put together a guide of everything you will need to know about chartering a private yacht for MIPIM.

Based in the heart of Cannes and with years of experience delivering successful Cannes events yacht charters, 212 Yachts are your event yacht charter experts. To discuss your requirements contact us now (we are native English speakers, with a multi-lingual team!), or get some inspiration first by looking at the various yacht charter options we offer.

There are many benefits to yacht charter during MIPIM that other accommodations / venues cannot offer.

Yacht Charter MIPIM Key Benefits

  • Prime location next to the Palais des Festivals.
  • Luxury accommodation equal to or better quality and value than the best Cannes hotels.
  • Specialist staff on-hand to provide first-rate service around-the-clock, typically including a highly-trained chef.
  • Brand placement with maximum exposure to this event’s footfall.
  • An unbeatable venue for intimate meetings and larger events alike.
  • Prestige.
  • Be confident invitees will attend your events optimizing Return On Investment.

The best way to charter a yacht at MIPIM is to contact 212 Yacht’s team of charter brokers with your requirements, and we will send you a tailored proposal right away.

How to Charter a Yacht for MIPIM

You are in the right place! The best way to charter a yacht at for this exclusive event is to contact 212 Yacht’s team of charter brokers with your requirements, including; objectives / vision for the event, the details of any events you may host, the number of guests who will sleep on the yacht, the dates of interest, your price range, and any other details you consider relevant. We will then ask questions as required to ensure our proposal is in-line with your brief, send you a list of yachts that are best suited, and talk through the options to ensure you are fully informed and equipped to make the best decision for your company.

After you have selected your luxury yacht, 212 Yachts will negotiate the terms with the owner and send you a contract for signing. Once the fully signed contract and the first installment (which is due on signing) are received, your yacht charter is secured!

Now, the details of your event yacht charter will be organised. You will be invited to outline exactly how you wish your APA to be spent, a berth application to the Port of your choice will immediately be submitted, and the logistics of any events will be organised. Our team remains involved and on-call at all stages of the process, including during the charter on-site in Cannes, to ensure your yacht charter MIPIM experience is optimised. After the yacht charter has concluded, your captain will offer a breakdown of expenses, return any left-over APA, and you will be left to reminisce about a hugely successful yacht charter for this event!

It is best to book your yacht as far in advance as possible. But don't worry if you have left it late - we will still assist!

Yacht Charter MIPIM – When to Book

If possible, begin your yacht charter planning in July or August the year prior. Many popular yachts book well in advance, and to ensure placement in the Old Port in Cannes, completing a berth application early is advised.

If you have left it a little (or a lot) later, however, do not worry! Every year, 212 Yachts match MIPIM attendees with their perfect charter yacht, months and days before the event begins. Just don’t wait any longer, and contact us now!

Hosting Events On a Yacht at MIPIM

A yacht can be used as a venue to host events during MIPIM, whether you opt for a berth in the Old Port, a berth in the quieter Port Canto, or to drop anchor in the Bay of Cannes. In addition to hosting intimate meetings with key clients, prospects, and partners throughout the day, popular events held on yachts during MIPIM include evening cocktail parties, formal dinners, social buffets, keynote speeches, live music performances among others.

Whatever event(s) you wish to host, inform our team of your objectives and requirements, and we will propose the yachts and crews best suited to deliver.


The number of guests allowed on-board sleeping and during the day depends on a number of factors.

Yacht Charter MIPIM – Number of Guests Allowed On-Board

For quayside events (static yacht charters), the capacity significantly varies. Some yachts may be limited to 15-20 guests, while others can facilitate a guest-list of hundreds. Please inform us of how many guests you would like to invite to your events so that we can send yachts that best cater to your requirements.

Similarly, the number of sleeping guests that charter yachts can accommodate varies on the number of cabins. Typically, a minimum of one cabin is required for 2 guests, however, some guests may require private accommodation. Let us know how many guests you must accommodate and the preferred sleeping arrangements. Based on this, your proposal will feature yachts that best satisfy these requirements. Crew have separate quarters on-board, to ensure the privacy of guests.

While cruising, most yachts are limited to 12 guests at sea. If you would like to go to sea during your yacht charter with over 12 guests, do let us know and we will send you the yachts available with the rare licence to cruise with over 12 guests. For day charters during MIPIM with under 12 guests, you will have many more options, starting at 1,500 euro per day plus expenses.

Cannes Old Port offers unbeatable convenience and brand exposure, but places are limited. For Old Port and Port Canto, a 'berth application' is necessary.


How to Get a  Berth on Quai d’Honneur for MIPIM

Cannes Old Port is located a stones-throw from the Palais des Festivals. Every year, the Quai d’Honneur is lined with some of the world’s most impressive luxury superyachts, adorned with the branding of major and aspiring real estate companies. This location offers unbeatable convenience and excellent brand exposure, but spaces are limited.

The application to be in the Old Port of Cannes during MIPIM can only be made once you have signed your charter contract and paid the first installment, as the Port Authorities who process the applications require a charter contract as part of the application dossier. If you would like a place in the Old Port, immediately on receipt of the fully signed contract and installment 1, our experienced team will create and submit the berth application, maximizing your chances of success.

If a berth in the Old Port is not essential, or if the Old Port is full, Port Canto offers excellent additional berthing facilities. Port Canto is a short walk (20 mins) / drive (5 mins) from the Palais des Festivals and is more cost-effective than the Old Port.

MIPIM Yacht / Boat Day Trips

Day trips on a yacht or luxury boat during the prestigious event are a great way to entertain clients and partners, build relationships or celebrate MIPIM’s success. A day charter from Cannes offers access to the best of the French Riviera, including Saint Tropez, Monaco, and the Cannes Islands. You can select a larger crewed yacht complete with a chef, water toys and ample space, or rent a VanDutch 40 or charter a VanDutch 55 from Cannes for a more fast-paced day out.

Day trips from Cannes offer access to the gems of the French Riviera: Cannes Islands, Monaco, Saint Tropez.


Yacht Charter MIPIM Costs

The cost of a yacht charter varies according to your requirements. 60’ yachts with 2 crew and 3 cabins start at approximately 4,000 euro plus VAT and expenses per day, while larger yachts with greater amenities, crew, and accommodation can enter triple figures.

VAT is applicable on all charters in France and is 20% on top of the charter fee. APA (click here for more information on APA / yacht charter expenses), or advanced provisioning allowance, is used to cover expenses associated with your yacht charter and is typically 30% on top of the charter fee.

Whatever your budget, our team will propose yachts that are best suited to what you are looking for. We offer unbiased advice on the value to quality ratio of each yacht proposed. We always ensure you receive the very best charter fee possible through negotiations with the owner and work closely with the crew to ensure expenses are managed appropriately.

If you are interested in a MIPIM yacht charter, would like to discuss your requirements, ask any questions or explore the best charter yachts available to you.

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