The Best Weekend Yacht Charter Hotspots

Thinking of a possible weekend getaway on a luxury yacht? We’re here to help! We have compiled a list of weekend yacht charter destinations that exhibit the natural beauty and astonishing architecture that Europe has to offer, guaranteed to leave you in awe and counting down the days until you can start your once in a lifetime luxury cruise.

The French Riviera

Explore the French Riviera for the Weekend

With over 20 million tourists in 2019, the French Riviera is by far our top pick when it comes to selecting a European weekend yacht charter destination. Located in the South of France, the French Riviera is a stunningly picturesque part of the world, renowned globally as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur plays host to a world of culture and picturesque coastlines. The French Riviera encompasses the glitz and the glam of the high roller casinos in Monaco, the seamless mix of bustling city streets and private beaches of Nice, the relaxed and historical Antibes, the rich and famous city of Cannes and its high street luxury shops and everything in between.

The best way to explore this gorgeous location and truly make it a once in a lifetime experience is definitely onboard a luxury yacht. The level of customer service on board coupled with experience of being onboard a luxury vessel and exploring the West Mediterranean will without a doubt be the standout holiday of a lifetime.

The French Riviera, Your Perfect Weekend Destination

Access to the French Riviera couldn’t be easier, with direct flights into Nice Airport from hundreds of locations worldwide the Rivera is at your doorstep! Once you arrive in Nice, you’re only a 30 minute drive East to Monaco or 40 minutes West to Cannes. To explore the French Riviera for all it has to offer I would recommend Cannes as a starting point, you have the option of Port Canto, the old port by the Palais de Festival and Port de la Rague. From here you have great access to some amazing itineraries in all directions.

You could head East past the Cap D’Antibes and past Nice through the Baie des Anges, and spend some time exploring the really nice bays around Saint Jean Cap Ferrat (my personal favourite area along the coast!). There are great coves with crystal clear water around the Cap, perfect for a swim or the use of toys if available on-board. Or you could head West across the Bay of Cannes and along the Esterel past the pretty ports of Théole sur Mer, Mandelieu La Napoule and Port de la Rague, en-route to Saint Tropez. With just one road into St Tropez, a yacht is by far the best way to visit this famous region, and the coast on the way is stunning. For more detailed and amazing itineraries please get in touch with us!

The Best Time to Explore The French Riviera

The Riviera is a hive of action and entertainment during the summer months. Therefore we would highly recommend visiting it from the start of May through to the end of August. There is a multitude of events to enjoy and plan your trip around during the summer months. For example you have the Monaco Grand Prix and classical Grand Prix in May. Also the Cannes Film Festival is in May, the Nice Jazz Festival takes place in July. You have Les Voiles d’Antibes in June and countless more events and occasions right across the Riviera. So there is sure to be adventure and fun around every corner!


Explore the Italian Coastline over the Weekend

With over 62 million tourists last year, Italy is next on our list of the best weekend yacht charter destinations. Nestled between the Ligurian Sea and the Maritime Alps mountain chain the Italian Riviera is a stunning must-see destination. The main attraction on the Italian Riviera is Cinque Terre. Which is a collection of seaside villages including Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. There are centuries of culture and heritage to be seen in each of the 5 fishing villages. With colourful buildings, sheer terraces and harbours that are synonymous with the Italian Riviera.

Access to the Italian Riviera couldn’t be easier. With international flights servicing Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport and Pisa International airport you can easily access a multitude of ports along the Riviera. Including Genoa, Portofino, Lavagna, Rapallo, Cinque Terre and La Spezia. Which means you are never too far from a port to start your once in a lifetime West Mediterranean exploration.

The best way to explore this gorgeous location and truly make it a once in a lifetime experience is definitely onboard a luxury yacht. There you will experience the level of customer service on board coupled with experience of being onboard a luxury vessel. From there you can the West Mediterranean. It will without a doubt be the standout holiday of a lifetime.

The Unmatched Italian Riviera by Yacht

The Italian Riviera offers endless possibilities and locations to explore. The first of these being the stunning and inviting villages of the Cinque Terre. Cruise the rugged coastline, enjoying the natural beauty of the rolling hillsides and the turquoise water. While being on the way to the renowned Riomaggiore vineyard. Or bask in the Mediterranean sunshine sunbathing on the rocks or diving into the magnificently clear water on one of the many magnificent beaches in the region. Including Vernazza beach, Monterosso beach and Levanto Beach.

You could also cruise to Portofino, marvelling at the charming harbours and vibrant buildings that entrance tourists from around the world. These earn Portofino its reputation as the jewel of the Italian Riviera. You could also visit the seaport city of Genoa and experience its rich culture. When walking the narrow streets steeped in history and exploring the medieval centre, this is the perfect way to pass an afternoon. For much more detailed and numerous itineraries please get in contact with us!

The summer months are the perfect opportunity to visit the Italian Riviera. With the charter season in full swing and exceptional weather, you’ll be sure to find the perfect yacht and make memories of a lifetime!


Greece, the Perfect Yacht Charter Destination

Moving to the East Mediterranean, Greece is a great weekend yacht charter destination you don’t want to miss out on. Greece welcomes 30 million visitors a year, 5 million of these flocking to its capital Athens. And this is where we recommend you experience the ideal yachting weekend!

The birthplace of modern-day civilization and some of the greatest philosophers in history, Athens is a centrepiece in European history and culture. This city worshipped by gods and steeped in classical monuments is extremely accessible. Athens International Airport serves as a landing spot for a multitude of international destinations. From here you are only a 35-minute drive from the most popular port of departure in Greece, Piraeus Port. Located Southwest of the capital this port city is the site of bustling seafaring activities and your ideal launching pad for exploring all the East Mediterranean has to offer.

One of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean are the Cyclades. Which offer clear blue skies, glittering turquoise waters, sugar cube houses that tumble-down rocky cliffs, blue-domed churches, ancient ruins and natural wonders. From superyacht hot spots such as Santorini and Mykonos to secret hideaways. That makes the 220 strong island chain a welcome variety to all travellers. Discover rustic villages, cosmopolitan party hubs, romantic bays, glorious sunsets and fantastic seafood restaurants on your yacht charter around the spectacular waters of the Aegean sea.

Greece by Yacht, a Weekend Itinerary

Start your cruise by visiting the capital of the Cyclades, Syros. The rich Venetian influences are evident in the architecture and buildings of the capital. Which make Syros stand out among the other islands and highlight its magnificent past. Walking up through the narrow streets lined by traditional whitewashed houses provides the perfect way to spend an afternoon. That is before relaxing on Achladi beach, soaking in the east Mediterranean rays, or swimming in the crystal-clear waters.

Mykonos is also a must-see destination within the Cyclades. Its natural beauty and rich heritage provide a stunning backdrop to admire and explore. Marvel at the windmills of Chora or the sun as it sets over the rugged coastline from your personal luxury viewpoint.

Santorini forms the southernmost member of the Cyclades and is without a doubt the Jewel of the Aegean Sea. Santorini is renowned as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The island was the site of a large volcanic eruption, breath-taking villages have since been constructed on the site of the eruption with stunning views of the sea. Famous for its Cycladic architecture and romantic sunset views, Santorini is sure to provide the memories of a lifetime! For more detailed itineraries and other amazing locations please get in contact with us!

It is recommended to visit Greece in the summer months. Because the charter season will be in full swing, so you will have access to the best choice of luxury yachts available in the East Mediterranean!


Visit Croatia by Yacht Charter

Looking for a more secluded weekend yacht charter destination? Look no further than Split, Croatia. With just over a million tourists visiting Split last year, this Croatian destination still has a secluded and reserved identity to it. With a selection of gorgeous beaches and stunning Roman architecture in the city, Split is the perfect starting point for a Croatian weekend yachting destination.

Serviced by 6 international airports, travelling to Croatia couldn’t be easier! Flying into Kastela airport of Split you are only a 10-minute drive away from the main port of departure in Croatia, Trojir and on the doorstep of all the Adriatic Sea has to offer.

From Split head to Drvenik, this little pair of islands are the northernmost of an archipelago that includes Šolta and Brač. Thus creating a barrier between Split and the open sea. This almost uninhabited island is well known for its clear waters, sandy beaches and olive trees. Snorkelling, a romantic walk on the beach and island exploration are waiting for you.

You can then cruise to Vis town, looking out for dolphins. As you get closer, you’ll see the canons on the top of the hill, a reminder of Vis’s wartime importance. Anchor in the deep, protected bay and take in the magnificent spectacle of the mountains, fortresses and the stately buildings. A walk through the town is definitely recommended to enjoy the roman influence and baths!

Explore the Croatian Coastline by Yacht

From here, enjoy a leisurely cruise around the Elaphite islands on your way to Luka Polaceon Mljetisland. Which is one of the best superyacht anchorages in the area and close to the saltwater lakes. Take an afternoon swim in the lakes and enjoy a sunset dinner in Melittaon the tiny island in the centre of the biggest lake.

A Croatian yacht charter wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Dubrobnik. This old town, with its natural beauty and rich heritage effortlessly captures people’s attention and leaves them in awe of its beauty. Indeed it’s hard to imagine anyone becoming jaded by the city’s white limestone streets, baroque buildings and the endless shimmer of the Adriatic. Or failing to be inspired by a walk along the ancient city walls that protected a civilised, sophisticated republic for centuries.

For more detailed itineraries do please get in contact with us.

So there it is, after years of charter experience across Europe and indeed the world, we can’t recommend these destinations enough. And each with their own unique appeal and highlights. So they are sure to leave you daydreaming about the possibility of a visit and fascinating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. For information about any of the destinations listed above or to enquire about a possible charter, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We would be delighted to assist you in turning your dream weekend yacht charter getaway into reality!

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