East Coast of America Yacht Charter

The East Coast of the USA is filled with mind boggling mega-cities, jaw dropping beaches, awe inspiring mountains and mouth-watering cuisine. It is an amazing off the beaten track location for your next yacht charter adventure! Here are 212 Yacht’s top spots for an East Coast yacht charter you will never forget!


The north-eastern state of Maine is more than just a destination – it’s an experience that will take your breath away. Maine embraces all that is authentic, unique and simple, and Mainers take pride in enjoying the wide-open spaces of the state’s deep woods and vibrant coastline. Respect for nature is the cornerstone of life in Maine and this is evident throughout– from the perfect preparation of the famous lobster roll to the world-renowned craftsmanship of their boats. Marvel at some of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world while watching the sun rise over the glorious Atlantic from the deck of your very own charter yacht. Maine is one of those rare places where you feel at home as soon as you arrive.

'Maine Embraces all that is Authentic, Unique and Simple'

East Coast Yacht Charter – Boston

The narrow streets of Boston are filled to the brim with the history of America’s revolution and transformation. Few cities boast as much historical significance as Boston, and this has created an extraordinarily culture rich city today. There’s a reason this amazing city is known as ‘The Athens of America’ and this will be made evident to you when you see the amazing architecture and the emphasis that is put on education.

Harvard Square is a vibrant, exciting place to hang out where you can see the congregations of students, bustle of shoppers and amazing music of buskers. Why not pick up a book at one of the many amazing bookstores and sit down at one of the quaint cafes to soak it all in. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, why not explore the 34 islands that are scattered near Boston harbour? With your own private charter yacht, you have complete freedom to hop through these beautiful islands and discover what they have to offer.

'There’s a Reason this Amazing City is Known as ‘The Athens of America’

New York City

New York is easily the most iconic and recognisable city in the world. From the Empire State Building to Rockefeller Centre to Times Square, New York truly is a place everybody must visit at least once in their lifetime. The architecture of this city is simply world class and you will find yourself constantly gazing upwards and marvelling at the spectacularly tall skyscrapers towering above. This is the city that never sleeps, and you can feel the energy surrounding you each second you spend in this city.

This is in stark contrast to the absolute serenity you can feel in beautiful Central Park, an oasis of nature in the middle of the concrete jungle. NYC is a wanderer’s delight as you can easily stroll through the seemingly infinite streets and stumble upon a myriad of amazing restaurants, cosy cafés, intriguing boutiques and everything in between. The food is notably as iconic as the architecture and there is hot dog stands and New York style pizza shops around every corner. Of course, you can’t say you’ve seen New York until you pay a visit to the iconic Statue of Liberty. What better way to see it than from the deck of your own charter yacht?

'This is the City that Never Sleeps, and you can Constantly feel its Energy Surrounding You'

A Washington East Coast Charter

Washington DC is the nation’s capital and the heart and soul of the USA. This is yet another iconic city on America’s East Coast where there are hundreds of instantly recognisable monuments and even more surprising hidden gems. The White House,  Lincoln Memorial,  Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial are just a selection of the exquisite monuments to be appreciated in the USA’s historic front yard.

Before you head out sightseeing, why not try out Washington’s famous bottomless brunch. Many chic brunch spots sprinkled across the city that offer bottomless brunch and drinks so you can set yourself up for a great day of exploring the city. Also for when you’re finished touring, it is worth remembering that the District of Columbia takes Happy Hour very seriously and you are bound to find a cool bar anywhere in the city with a great crowd for after work drinks. Experience the nation’s capital from a new perspective when taking your private yacht charter cruising along Washington’s mighty Potomac River.

'Washington DC is the Nation’s Capital and the Heart and Soul of the USA'


Annapolis – East Coast Yacht Charter

If you are looking for a hidden gem for your East Coast of America yacht charter then look no further than the sailing town of Annapolis, known as The Sailing Capital of the USA. Located in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is a town that lives and breathes sailing. It is home to the National Sailing Hall of Fame, marinas packed year-round with boats of all shapes and sizes, dockside restaurants and sailing schools. With over 530 miles of shoreline, Annapolis is a playground for all lovers of boats and the ocean. We would recommend stopping in to the Boatyard Bar and Grill which is a popular local sailors’ hangout and has been voted as one of the best sailing bars in the world! This beautiful city is a haven for true sailing enthusiasts and a definite must-visit for your East Coast yacht charter.

'Annapolis is a Town that Lives and Breathes Sailing'

Whether you are looking for extreme luxury, a peaceful getaway or an amazing adventure, America’s East Coast is the perfect place to explore by sea. We hope that you are excited to visit what is one of the most magical yacht charter destinations in the world. A yacht charter holiday is an exciting adventure to enjoy with your family and friends and is a sure way to create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

We delight in being an integral part of this journey for so many guests and are driven by the smiles and gleeful stories from our happy clients. With years of expertise and a wealth of strong relationships in the region, we are fully equipped to finding and securing the perfect yacht for charter on America’s East Coast and beyond. Contact 212 Yachts today to start the trip of a lifetime.

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