Explore The Hidden Gem of Montenegro

Montenegro is one of Europe’s smallest yet prosperous Balkan countries hidden by steep mountain ranges. Decorated by medieval villages and long Adriatic coast gives it an ancient aura. Added to its mysterious image is the fjord of Kotor that is famous because of the coastal churches which dotted the place. Here is a comprehensive guide to the must see spots on your Montenegro yacht charter.

The best time to visit this enchanting country of the East Mediterranean is the months of June and September. During these months, the weather is still reliably hot and there is less congestion in crowds and facilities. But location is key. Montenegro’s climate is patterned according to its geographical compositions. The coastal exterior experiences the Mediterranean weather while the mountainous interior experiences the sub alpine weather with a bitterly cold winter. So where you choose to spend your vacation will dictate what the weather will be like during your stay.

Best Places to See When in a Luxury Yacht Holiday in Montenegro

The Bay of Kotor

Also called “BokaKotorska”. This beautiful fjord in the Mediterranean is surrounded by a five-kilometer long stone wall just on top of a steep hillside. Inside these walls is a medieval town made of narrow alleys that run along golden-colored stone buildings. Feel free to come across the Venetian-style church, a public square full of restaurants, doorways that are decorated with colorful flowers, and a flight of steps that will lead you to the hills. Whenever you want some quiet place, you can get inside a homey cafe in a corner as well.

When you go further around the bay, you can see the town of Perast that looks like a replica of Venice because of its Italian-designed churches and mansions. From here, you can find the twin islands of St. George and Our lady of the Rocks, which are both pilgrimage sites. These are just a few of the amazing attractions in Kotor that you must see and experience while in your luxury yacht charter in Montenegro!

Experience the Beauty of the Bay of Kotor from your Private Charter Yacht

Sveti Stefan

Previously a fishing village, it was converted into an old town in 1960. With most of its narrows streets, small churches, old shops, and tower, it became one of the most visited island resort in Montenegro, especially when this small town became a host of luxury restaurants, boutiques, hotels, and bars. This unique place has never failed to captivate every because of its unique and relaxing ambiance. Not to mention, every visual treat on offer.

Experience the Stunning Island Resort of Sveti Stefan


With its 21-kilometer coast of white sand beaches, who can tell that this little medieval city hosts exquisite infrastructures like churches, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques behind the city gates? It also boasts a string of 17 beautiful beaches to cool you off during your luxury yacht charter holiday. Here, you can discover thehistory and a culture-rich tradition that you can only experience in Montenegro!

Relax and Unwind on the Long White Sand Beaches of Budva


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