To the north is the Black Sea, the Mediterranean in the south, and the Aegean Sea blanketing the west, Turkey is connected with water that is witness to seafaring for ages. Its gulfs, bays, rivers, and beaches have long been a passageway for sailors into trading. The influx of traders and sailors from the east, north, west, and south of the world resulted in the most amazing cultural and architectural blend on the planet. Meaning your Turkey yacht charter will be a rich cultural experience, making it a charter to remember.

Visiting Turkey will not only allow you to marvel at the wonders found on land, but also the country’s long coastlines that are a haven for sailors and yachters. The southwest coast or the coastline from Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Kas to Antalya are favorites for those who want to explore the waters, beaches, and islands through yacht charter.

Best Time of the Year to Charter a Yacht in Turkey

With coastlines stretching for miles, it is a given that water activities are prevalent during the summer seasons. The months of April to the end of October are considered to be the season of yacht charter Turkey holidays, with the months of July and August as the peak months. The long summer in the country means that it rarely rains during the yachting season.

The temperature in the coastal area of Turkey generally stays at the mid-80s and humidity is low, making it very comfortable for sunbathing while cruising on your yachts. The wind is strong during these times due to the “Meltemi” winds.

Best Places for Yacht Sailing in Turkey

Chartering a yacht in Turkey is like sailing towards history. There are archaeological sites, temples, and castles from the medieval and ancient times to be seen while sailing. The country is full of ruins and relics both on land and out to sea.

Aside from that, the coasts and beaches of Turkey are world class and simply magical. There are bays and coves you can snorkel or dive into. Or you can lay down on the sand and witness the natural beauty of the Turkish landscapes.

The southwest coast of Turkey is the most popular yachting destination. The area is divided into four:

Ionian Coast yacht charter

Sail along the mesmerizing Ionian Coast and make anchor at its many harbors at the luxury of your private yacht charter.

The coastline stretching from Izmir to Kusadasi to Gulluk until Bodrum boasts of the best for sailing. Famed since the ancient time for its beautiful landscapes and picturesque views, this area has fewer charter yachts and fishing boats. The anchorages and harbors of Foca, Urla, Cesme, Torba, and Asin, among the many, are the highlights of this sailing destination. Visitors can also visit the archaeological sites found in Ephesus, Latmos, and Teos.

The Ionian Coast is also a short sail away from the Eastern Sporades or to the Dodecanese of Greece.

The Carian Coast yacht charter

Enjoy the colorful and historic beauty of Turkey’s Carian Coast aboard a private yacht charter that fits your schedule and budget.

Bordered by the Ionian Coast in the north and in the east is the Lycian Coast, your yacht charter Turkey holiday won’t be complete if you don’t visit the Carian Coast. The area is made up of the coasts stretching from the edge of Bodrum to the start of Marmaris. This area is famous for its gentle sailing winds, sandy beaches, rock tombs, beautiful bays, and rich historical culture.

The ports of Torba, Akbuk, Sogut, Komen, Knidos and more are top yacht charter destinations. The beautiful Greek islands of Kos, Rhodes, Symi, and Nisyros are just one sailing day away making the Carian Coast a perfect starting point for island hopping adventures.

The West Lycian Coast yacht charter

Discover coves and bights, and enjoy cruising at one of Turkey’s famous yacht destinations along the West Lycian Coast.

Stretching from Marmaris to Fethiye and Gocek, this charter area is known for its rugged and mountainous landscape. In fact, it was feared by the ancient mariners but the place’s almost magical scenery make up for the danger. The West Lycian coasts have many coves and bights that provide yacht charters safe and beautiful anchorages.

The East Lycian Coast yacht charter

Making your Turkish sailing adventure a successful and memorable experience as you will have fun cruising along the East Lycian Coast.

The eastern stretch of Lycia starts from Fethiye to Kas to Finike until Antalya. The ruggedly beautiful coast offers many historical and cultural sites, including the famous tomb of the Sarcophagi where some parts have already submerged in water.

Famed for its blue translucent seas which are less crowded, this charter area is perfect for yachters who want to sail in tranquility and peace, while enjoying the beautiful landscape and sights.

Selecting the Best Yacht Charter in Turkey

There are many reasons to charter a yacht in Turkey. From its wonders of the world to its vibrant nightlife, breathtaking beaches, and historical sites, chartering a yacht in Turkey can be confusing. 212 Yachts is here to help. Our team of experienced brokers will listen to your plans and will provide you with the perfect yacht and itineraries based on your desires and wants to. 212 Yachts have access to the yacht charters in the region. We will make sure that your Turkish adventure will be an amazing sailing experience.

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