St-Tropez is a coastal village of the French Riviera located about a hundred kilometres away from the city of Nice. It boasts of luxurious pristine beaches that highly draw tourists from around the world with a promise to dip and dine with the elites. But mostly, this place is a great destination for lounging under the sun while taking in the breathtaking view of the sea in your own chartered yacht. This fantastic combination of luxurious restaurants, pristine beaches and glamorous vibes makes a yacht charter St Tropez one you will always remember!

Take a dip and explore the hidden paradise that is St. Tropez at the comfort of your very own private yacht charter.


Short Facts to Know

The town offers its old fashion ambience of cobble path walks and side street boutiques decorated with flowers all around. Although the heart of the place is at La Place des Lices, the centre of attention for tourists is still at the marina where luxurious vessels and charter yachts are moored during their yacht charter to St Tropez.

5 Mesmerising Sights to See On a Yacht Charter to St Tropez

Beautiful views, historic sites, picturesque landscapes, and crystal clear warm waters, enjoy St. Tropez like never before.

  1. Citadelle de St-Tropez – what used to be a defence tower against the empire of Spain back in the late 1600s, the Citadelle de St-Tropez is now a famous maritime museum. Schedule your tour between 11am to 3:30pm.
  2. Vieux Port – an old harbour where the first fishing village came to be. Nowadays, it has become a popular place for tourists to watch small fishing boats and expensive yachts anchored at the dock. Charter one of these yachts that are lined in front of pastel-coloured structures and set sail for the Mediterranean waters.
  3. La Ponche – a fishing charter in St-Tropez which is also considered a heritage site located in the northeast of Vieux Port. It has the most scenic view around the city with cobble stoned walkways for pedestrians.
  4. Tour Suffren – another historical landmark of the city that is considered to be one of the oldest buildings. It was once a medieval tower that protected the walls of St-Tropez.
  5. Place des Lices – the famous town square where tourists and locals both flock for the open air market on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Fresh produce is sold right by the cafes. Pétanque players also gather around here to enjoy the old-time favourite game.

Relaxing Activities to Do When in Town

Lounge and sunbathe in the beautiful white sand beach of Pampelonne or cruise the warm waters on your private yacht charter.

While in town, you can also do a few more things aside from touring the famous sites and landmarks. Ignite the inner adventurer in you with the following activities:

  • Engage in water sports, such as kayaking and diving.
  • Set sail with your own chartered yacht or join a group tour to explore nearby cities like Cannes and Nice.
  • Bask in the Pampelonne Beach while taking a sip from your glass of champagne.
  • Shop in exclusive designer boutiques or visit central square for local products that you can purchase.
  • At night, you can stay late on the beach or join the crowd at the marina to watch the well-lit yachts while enjoying your drink.
  • Dine from local favourites or treat yourself to a fancy meal at Vagued’OR, a 3-Michelin star restaurant.

How to Select the Perfect Yacht for your Yacht Charter St-Tropez

Selecting the yacht and route for your worthwhile trip in St-Tropez can be confusing. There are plenty of destinations to choose from as well as the course to take getting there. Good thing that there are experts from 212 Yachts that can help you. Our experienced brokers will take care of everything you have to decide for. We will lay out all possible selections that our connections can reach to give you access to all charters in St-Tropez. 212 Yachts will help you have the trip of your life.

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