The Western Mediterranean has been one of the most sought-after cruise destinations in the world. The culture, historical architecture, and the beautiful natural landscapes are just a few of the reasons many tourists and travelers spend much to experience the Western Mediterranean. Especially when you opt for a luxury yacht charter holiday, Spain is just one of the best places to behold!

Your favorite yacht charter destinations in Spain

Known for its rich historical influences all over Europe and around the world, Spain has also become one of the favorite places that holidaymakers dream to see and experience. The months between April and October are the best time to travel to Spain because it is the seasons of spring and fall. Everyone is assured of a good weather condition during these months.

Spain has preserved a lot of its ancient ruins and infrastructure that attract people of different nationalities, drawing crowds by the millions. The oldest restaurants, churches, mosques and even the legendary festivals have become the reasons for tourists to drop their cares away and step on Spain’s bustling streets.

If you prefer to stay in the wonderful coastal towns and cities of the Mediterranean, Spain also has a lot to offer. These places are just a few of the wonderful scenery you can see while on your luxury yacht charter!

Avoid the hassle and the traffic, explore and behold the beauty of Barcelona at the comfort of your private luxury yacht.

1. Barcelona yacht charter

It is Spain’s Catalonian capital and is popular for its ancient arts and culture. Since it is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Mediterranean Sea, this metropolis has a long shoreline that tourists can enjoy. You can go and party at the Nova Icaria Beach that is just beside the Olympic Marina and Observatory. Dining at the La Deliciosa where you can enjoy light refreshing dishes after a day at the beach is also a great option for you.

With a fleet of private yacht charter to choose from, enjoy your visit to the word famous holiday destination that is Ibiza.

2. Ibiza (Eivissa) yacht charter

If you want a lively nightlife and great entertainment during your luxury yacht charter holiday, this beautiful Balearic Island is one of the best choices you can have. Aside from that, Ibiza also hosts street markets, cultural events, and concerts. No wonder it is one of the UNESCO destinations because of its cultural wealth.

Enjoy the Balearic Sea and the culture of Mallorca through your very own private luxury yacht charter.

3. Mallorca yacht charter

This beautiful island in the Balearic Sea welcomes you with its high-class entertainment places, such as cafes, pubs, and seafront discos. Aside from that, you can also opt for a more relaxing environment near the coves of the island. Visiting the elegant church in Palma (La Seu) is one great idea you shouldn’t pass up!

Complete your Spanish sailing adventure as you dock your luxury private yacht charter at the beautiful beach of Formentera.

4. Formentera yacht charter

This is another island in the Balearic Sea can complete your itinerary in your luxury yacht charter holiday because of its rich vegetation of palms and pines. Located at approximately 18 kilometers from the southern coast of Eivissa, this island for nature-lovers can definitely give you tranquil bays and secluded beaches where you can relax and de-stress.

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