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What to Expect during your TFWA Yacht Charter

The Duty Free and Travel Retail Global Summit (commonly known as the Tax Free World Exhibition or TFWA) takes place every year at the end of October  – start September and is Cannes’ last major event of the year. With over 3000 prestigious brands and 12,000 professionals attending, the Cannes Tax Free Exhibition is not to be missed, whether you are a customer or an exhibitor. The following article explains the benefits of yacht charter at the Tax Free World Exhibition, and how 212 Yachts can assist.

Yacht charter offers many benefits to TFWA attendees. The best high-end solution for events / accommodation in Cannes.

The Benefits of a Cannes TFWA Yacht Charter

  • Excellent location beside the Palais des Festivals.
  • ‘Silver service’ from specialist staff, dedicated to serving you and your guests’ needs around-the-clock. Often includes a highly-trained chef.
  • Quality accommodation, often better value and quality than high-profile hotels.
  • Maximum brand exposure.
  • Attractive venue for evening events and private meetings. Host hundreds of guests in style.
  • Maximise Return on Investment with high invitation acceptance rate to yacht parties/cocktails/meetings.

The best yachts book several months in advance. However if you have left it later, we will propose the very best yachts still available to you.

When to Book your TFWA yacht charter

The best yachts and berths in Cannes Old Port book early. For the best selection of charter yachts in Cannes, book your TFWA yacht charter ideally 8 months in advance due to the opening of applications for berths commencing usually in April. That said, if you are a bit last minute, do get in touch, based on Cannes we have all the right contacts.

If you require a last-minute yacht for Cannes Duty Free, do not worry. Every year, our team of expert brokers match TFWA attendees with the perfect charter yacht for TFWA weeks and days before the event. Just don’t delay any longer, contact our team today.

Berth on Quai d’Honneur for TFWA / Cannes Duty Free

For many attendees, a berth in Cannes Old Port / on the Quai d’Honneur during TFWA is a key motivation to charter a yacht at the event. A berth on Quai d’Honneur at TFWA means you are a stones throw from the Palais des Festivals. This is extremely convenient for executives sleeping on the yacht and event / meeting attendees, plus this offers huge brand exposure. Thousands of industry members walk along the Quai d’Honneur during TFWA, and all will see your branding on your luxury yacht charter.

Berths are limited to Cannes Duty Free attendees. As the Port Authorities control the berth application process, a charter contract must be signed before you can apply for a place in the Old Port. With years of experience completing this process, our team will manage this process so that you have the best chance of securing a berth if desired. Booking early is advised.

If a berth in the Old Port is not essential for your organisation, nearby Port Canto offers great facilities with less competition and lower cost. Port Canto is a 5 minute drive from the Palais des Festivals, or a 20 minute walk along the beautiful Croisette.

A yacht is an unbeatable venue for events during TFWA. Host events that everyone will want to attend.

Host Events during your TFWA Yacht Charter

A yacht is a great venue to host events. With multiple, private spaces (the nature of meeting spaces on offer ranges from vessel to vessel) and first-class service from your private crew, yachts are excellent locations to host intimate meetings during the TFWA. Coupled with a berth next to the Palais, there are few options for hosting meetings that compare in terms of quality, service and convenience.

Capable of hosting much larger groups, a Tax Free World Exhibition yacht charter is a great option for hosting evening events. Popular events include cocktail parties, formal dinners, buffets, live music performances and key-note speeches.

If you would like to host events on-board during your Cannes Tax Free World Exhibition yacht charter, please inform our team of the nature of your events and the desired guest list size, and we will propose yachts and crews best suited to deliver.

Yachts offer accommodation on-par with or superior to the best hotels in Cannes.

TFWA Yacht Charter- Number of Guests Allowed On-Board

The number of guests allowed on-board during Tax Free Cannes yacht charter varies. For quayside events (static TFWA yacht charter), some charter yachts can host hundreds of guests spread across several decks and entertaining spaces. Other vessels may have a limit of 15-20 guests.

Yachts chartered during TFWA often serve as luxury accommodation for executives. The facilities are of an extremely high quality, often on-par or better than those found in 5-star hotels, and offer the benefit of staff serving the needs of the few guests sleeping on-board. The number of guests that can sleep on a yacht varies. Typically, one cabin is required for every 1 or 2 people, depending on if they are willing to share. Please inform our team of the number of guests sleeping and the preferred sleeping arrangements of your Cannes Duty Free yacht charter, and we will propose yachts that best match your requirements.

With extensive knowledge and experience of charter yachts in Cannes and along the French Riviera, we are best suited to advise on the right yacht for your TFWA yacht charter.

How to Select the Right Yacht Charter

212 Yachts are experts at matching TFWA attendees with the right charter yacht. With extensive knowledge and experience of charter yachts in Cannes and along the French Riviera, we are the perfect partner to advise you on the right yacht for your TFWA yacht charter.

To explore options, please contact our team. If you already know your requirements, please do let us know; dates of your charter, number of guests sleeping / number of cabins required, price range, details of any events you will host, any other details you consider relevant.

If you are in the early stages of planning your Cannes Duty Free yacht charter, please feel free to email / call to discuss any questions you may have, or simply to chat about how we can help.

There are yachts on the market to suit most budgets. We have extensive experience with and deep-knowledge of the charter market, and will pair you with the right vessel.

TFWA Yacht Charter Costs

How much does a Tax Free World Exhibition yacht charter cost? There are yachts to match most budgets, so the total cost of your Cannes Duty Free yacht charter will largely depend on your requirements. Yachts are priced at a base charter fee, plus tax plus expenses. To learn more about yacht charter expenses / yacht charter APA, click here.

Please inform our team of your ideal budget, and we will send charter yachts that best match your requirements. To explore some examples of luxury yacht charter options to guide your expectations, click here.

If you may charter a yacht for TFWA, or would like to discuss further, please contact our team now. You can click here to discuss TFWA yacht charter, or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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