Formentera is a located just 3 nautical miles from the tourist hotspot of Ibiza. Ibiza is the ideal place to start your Formentera yacht charter. Despite it’s close proximity, a Formentera yacht charter offers a unique experience that is very different to an Ibiza yacht charter.

Formentera Yacht Charter

Formentera is largely uninhabited, with a series of small villages dotted across the beautiful island. As a result, the island is largely un-spoilt. This makes a Formentera yacht charter ideal for anyone wishing to escape the highlife of the main island of Ibiza. If you wish to experience the gentle footprint of man on Formentera, visit Sant Francesc Xavier. This is the island’s largest village.

Where to Lunch on your Fomentera Yacht Charter

For an authentic Spanish lunch or some cocktail therapy, make sure to visit the iconic Juan Y Andrea. Juan Y Andrea is located at the heart of Playa Illetas Beach. Exclusively accessible by yacht, Juan Y Andrea offers an escape from the busy restaurants of mainland Ibiza, and an exquisite palate of authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

For an authentic Spanish lunch or some cocktail therapy, make sure to visit the iconic Juan Y Andrea, at the heart of Playa Illetas Beach

For sun-worshippers, the long white sand beaches offer an idyllic setting to bath in the Balearic sun. Clothing is optional, in this region famed for nude beaches. Make the most of the exciting toys your Formentera yacht charter offers in the calm, clear waters of this 19 km long island.

Other great locations to include in your Fomentera yacht charter itinerary include the mainland of Ibiza, the beautiful Menorca and famous Mallorca. Each Balearics Island yacht charter offer unique experiences to make your charter truly memorable.

To find the perfect Formentera yacht charter, or if you wish to plan an Ibiza yacht charter with Formentera included in your itinerary, contact our team today!

Adam Reynolds

Written by Adam Reynolds

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