Located directly south of Corsica, the autonomous Italian region of Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. It’s warm climate, crystal clear water, pristine beaches and chic establishments make it an impressive and luxurious yacht charter destination, increasingly popular with yacht charter guests of all demographics.

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Yacht Charter Sardinia : When to Go and How to Get There

Sardinia has three international airports, Cagliari-Elmas, Olbia-Costa Smeralda and Alghero Fertillia, which are all connected with mainland Italian airports, as well as a large number of other European destinations. It’s accessible all year-long, but like most other Mediterranean yacht charter destinations, it’s best seen and experienced during the warmer months. Peak tourist season is from June – August, but while April, May and September are much quieter, climate-wise the island is still inviting and charter fees are often lower. Expect average temperatures during summer to range from 23 – 26 degrees celsius, and from 9 – 11 degrees celsius during winter.

A Sardinian yacht charter will allow you to explore the beautiful beaches of Costa Smeralda, while also learning about the history of the island's medival towns.


Top Things to See and Do on Sardinia Yacht Charters

As an island of great archaeological significance, Sardinia not only appeals to those looking for relaxation and sandy beaches but also to those who would like to learn about the island’s remarkable history. Along the north-east coastline you’ll find the Costa Smerela which contains some of Sardinia’s best and most popular beaches, while the island’s cities offer an insight into the islands medival past through a collection of historic and archeological sights.

Cagliari : A great place to start would be Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital city, located on the southern coast. Take a day to explore the old medieval town and Piazza Palazzo where you’ll find the magnificent 13th century Cattedrale di Santa Maria, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Cecilia. Afterwards, climb Torre di San Pancrazio or Torre dell’Elefante, two medieval towers which provide excellent views over the port and the surrounding area. The ruins of Karalis, the ancient city, can still be seen, and its remaining amphitheatre still plays host to concerts and outdoor events during summertime. Outside of the city and along the coast, lies the open-air archaeological museum of Nora in Pula, and for those with an adventurous side, you can also dive down to the submerged lost city. Other options nearby include visiting the Laguna di Nora Turtle Sanctuary or playing a round of golf at the Chia Laguna Resort, whose course has stunning views overlooking the Mediterranean.

Alghero : On the western coast of Sardinia, lies the town of Alghero, a particularly important historical city for patriots due to the number of monuments and buildings on show. Though rather uniquely, a significant proportion of the local popular are descended from Catalan conquerors, and so Catalan is a co-official language. If you’ve got some time to explore Alghero, be sure to spend a morning walking around the city walls and finding the Cathedral. If you’re not afraid of heights, we suggest a day trip to Capo Caccia, where you’ll be stunned by the magnitude of the stalagmites and stalactites of Grotto Di Nettuno and where you’ll be able take a swim off the Parco Nazionale dell Asinara.

Olbia : On Sardinia’s northern coast is Olbia, Sardinia’s arguably most recognised and visited city. In summer it’s the islands a major tourist hub, due to its proximity to the Costa Smeralda, where you’ll find some of the best and beaches and resorts that Sardinia has to offer. Although predominantly still a transit city for those going towards the beaches or the airport, it’s worth spending a few hours exploring the picturesque lanes.

Olbia is a popular location to start and end your yacht charter in Sardinia, with many yachts based in the region and great transport links.

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The Costa Smerelda coastline consists of some of Europe's best beaches. Motor through clear, pristine waters and swim ashore to dream-like sandy beaches.


The Best Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia is highly recognised for its breadth of unspoiled beaches which are dotted along the striking coastline. The most famous with tourists are along the Stintino coastline, also known as the Costa Smerelda, which makes for a particularly great Sardinia yacht charter destination. Of course with a luxury yacht charter, you can escape the busier beaches and discover more relaxed beaches inaccessible to most visitors.

  • La Pelosa : Arguably the most popular beach in Sardinia, La Pelosa is located opposite the island of Asinara. Imagine clear, shallow waters and bright, white sand, and soon you’ll think you’re in paradise.
  • Cala Brandinchi : Just along from La Pelosa, Cala Brandinchi is nicknamed by the locals as ‘little Tahiti’, referring to the emerald water that’s found here.
  • La Maddalena Archipelago : Just north of Costa Smerelda, lies la Maddalena Archipelago, composed of seven large islands and 55 islets. Until 2008, when the island’s NATO naval base closed, the archipelago remained virtually undiscovered by tourists. Our favourite beaches on the island include Cala Soraya, Spiaggia Rosa and Bassa Trinitta, yet access is limited to private yacht only.
  • Monte Cogoni : In southern Sardinia, it doesn’t get much better than Monte Cogoni Beach. This 200m stretch of sand overlooks Chia Bay, and it’s a great place to spend a day.
  • Campana Dune : Just along the coastline and next to the Chia Laguna Resort Golf Club, you’ll  fine Campana Dune. This sheltered beach with shallow waters is great for families with kids.
  • Spiaggia di Is Arutas : On the west coast, Spiaggia di Is Arutas is the locals favourite. The beach itself is composed of small stones of quartz, hence the english translation of arustas is rice!

If you'd like a taste of the best seafood in the Mediterranean, Sardinia's seafood restaurants provide guests with local produce caught earlier that day.


The Best Restaurants and Bars To Enjoy During a Sardinia Yacht Charter

Sardinia’s speciality is seafood, and so it’s no surprise that Sardinia has some great seafood restaurants located around the island! Although there are lots of good bars in Sardinia, the most popular spots unsurpsingly open only during summer months. Perfect to enjoy during your yacht charter Sardinia!

  • Nautilus : Found in the oldest quarter of Alghero and overlooking the port, Nautilus is a fabulous seafood restuarant serving locally-caught produce.
  • Il Pescatore Restaurant: Il Pescatore Restaurant at Hotel Cervo, a great view across the port and delightful atmosphere.
  • Hotel Cala di Volpe : This luxury hotel on the Costa Smerelda has two bars which are open to the public; Bar Pontile is a stylish, outdoor bar with sea views and ideal for sunset hour, and the Lobby and Atrium bar is a slightly smarter indoor option. It’s Barbecue Restaurant is also very popular.
  • Rock Club : Located next to Phi Beach and hidden amongst large boulders, you’ll find the Rock Club. It opens as a fantastic bar for evening drinks before turning into a club, as the bar’s terrace turns into it’s dancefloor.
  • Caffe Libarium Nostrum : Another great bar is Caffe Libarium Nostrum in Cagliari, which provides you with a panoramic view of the capital from the medieval ramparts.
Yacht Charter Sardinia: How To Plan Your Trip

Planning a yacht charter Sardinia may seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry; 212 Yachts are here to make your planning carefree and enjoyable. Reach out to one of our expert charter brokers via email or telephone, and let us know your possible plans. We would love to know;

 your ideal dates

your preferred port of departure and disembarkation

the number of guests with you

the number of cabins you require

the kind of charter you enjoy (active, relaxed, spontaneous etc)

approximate weekly budget

Based on this information, we will be in a great position to advise the best yachts available to you, the best itinerary for your Sardinian yachting vacation, and to answer any other questions you may have. 212 Yachts have years of experience with Sardinia yacht charters, ranging from 20 metre yachts for a long weekend, to 70 m super yachts for a month of cruising.

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