On Friday, the Antibes Yacht Show welcomed several professionals from the yachting industry, to present a seminar on developing a business in the superyacht industry. The association ‘Young Professionals in Yachting’, or YPY, along with four of their members from various companies in the yachting industry, spoke about the challenges and pitfalls of setting up a business in this field. In attendance was a range of professionals from within the yachting industry, from brokers to journalists, as well as various other professionals interested in yachting and keen to glean some entrepreneurial knowledge.

Antibes Yacht Show 2014 Seminar: Growing your Business in the Superyacht Industry


YPY is a non-profit organisation whose ultimate goal is to build an international network to support and connect all young professionals in yachting. Its aim is to teach and promote education, honesty, ethics, transparency and trust across the industry. Made up of dedicated, enthusiastic, and ethical young professionals, YPY is a community of businessmen and women who share knowledge and nurture long-lasting relationships in order to achieve success and global recognition within the yachting industry. First to present was Peter Murray Kerr from the company Mooring Spot. His company specialises in selling long-term marina berths or moorings online. He provided an introduction to YPY, explaining what they do and who can join. For instance, he informed the crowd that membership is exclusively for young, land-based professionals within the yachting industry and provides these members with an excellent professional grounding with which to grow and develop their company. Bastian Kellner of Yachtsign showcased his artistic designs for signs on yachts, which typically consist of the yacht’s name but are occasionally accompanied by an image. He included an impressive video showing how the backlighting for these signs is controllable from a mobile phone. Regarding growing his business in the yachting industry, Bastian spoke about the importance of quality, service and innovation, explaining that these are key for market penetration, market growth and product growth.

With a backdrop of visuals portraying a message of winning in business with the help of a can-do attitude, Jenny Caird of 212 Yachts spoke about the challenges of setting up a business in the yachting industry. By explaining how one extra degree of heat can make all the difference in terms of water boiling to make steam that can then power a train; she talked about how an extra degree of effort in business can make all the difference.

The final speaker at the seminar was Colin Hamilton of Zephyr Yachting, a company specialising in crew training, yacht and tender delivery and shipping logistics. He began by discussing the complexities of establishing a new business in the yachting industry, such as the stiff competition in this field. Colin believes in the importance of being able to adapt and diversify in order to succeed and in the need for patience and planning in order to obtain financial stability. He explained that the financial aspect of setting up a business in such a wealthy industry can lead people to become carried away when trying to look the part but Colin advised the attendees that they must be methodical and plan well in order to overcome these issues.

Overall, the presenters agreed on one key message: hard work and a strong belief in your product or service are key components for being successful in the yachting industry. By strongly believing in what you are offering and working towards your goals with passion and dedication, you will reap the fruits of your labour and achieve success in the superyacht industry.

Jenny Caird

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Jenny Caird, originally from Ireland, is the founder and CEO of 212 Yachts (and charter expert), applying her passion for customer service, with incredible client satisfaction, to create an ambitious, highly reputable and respected business. Whatever your query is, Jenny offers solutions with a smile. With her motivation and dedication to ensuring the yacht owners and clients 212 Yachts work with are 'wowed', Jenny and her team add the extra degree in yachting.

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