Explore the Beauty of Cinque Terre by Yacht

When planning an Italian yacht rental many head for Sicily and The Amalfi Coast. However, the hidden gem of Cinque Terre attracts many superyacht captain and yacht owners alike. Featuring colourful architecture, stunning seascapes and natural wonders, Cinque Terre is a perfect place to enjoy the best of Italy’s unbeatable scenery.

Found in Liguria in the northwest of Italy, Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name means ‘five lands’, and each of the towns that make up this region are very diverse in what they offer. We at 212 Yachts have used our vast experience in global yacht rental to produce a Cinque Terre Yacht Charter guide, to get all the information you need to know to explore a captivating coastline.

Watch the sun set behind Riomaggiore's dramatic cliffs


Riomaggiore is full of possibilities. Anchor here and explore restaurants, shops and hiking trails that delight visitors year on year. You will be greeted by sloping cliffs, a rainbow of buildings and a bustling town centre. Dau Cila is a restaurant renowned for its wine and food, take a table here and eat in the heart of the harbour, watching the sun set behind the town’s dramatic cliffs. If you’re feeling energetic, you can take Walking Trail 531 into Manarola, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the towns as you head up and over the cliff. This journey is not for the faint-hearted however, be aware of the steep steps that await! Alternatively, in the comfort of your yacht you can reach Manarola in a couple of minutes, enjoying the magnificent seascapes as you cruise.

Manarola offers beautiful seascapes


Also known as Cinque Terre’s prettiest town, Manarola offers stunning views from the ocean and on land. A photographer’s paradise, spend some time here exploring the narrow winding streets, lined with lemon trees. If you want to shop like the locals there are a couple of small shops selling china and the region’s famous lemon soap. Manarola is also home to a viewpoint in the west of the town which features breath-taking views of the Mediterranean. Do not pass up on the opportunity to anchor and enjoy lunch here on your private yacht, in awe of the towering cliffs. It is an angle that not many people have viewed the town from, truly unique.


The oldest town in Cinque Terre, Corniglia is rich in Roman history. Without a port, the residents have relied on farming for hundreds of years. Their white wine Vernaccia di Corniglia, has become a regional specialty. A place for cultural exploration, the town features the Church of St Peter, dating back to the 14th century. Here you can see rows of vineyards stretching for miles. One of the key attractions is Saint Mary’s Terrace, a viewpoint leading from Fieschi that offers a stunning panoramic of Cinque Terre. Reach this spectacular town by train from neighbouring villages and climb the famous 382 steps up to the top.

However, these endurance test is not necessary if the views from your private yacht satisfy you.

Vernazza offers boutiques and jewellery shops hidden in its winding streets


The retail hotspot of Cinque Terre, that’s what Vernazza is also called. It offers lots of boutiques and gift shops. The beach is very popular with visitors as you can watch the boats float in and out of the harbour, the perfect place to relax. The village’s fortified walls were key in defending the coast from Saracen pirates. You can visit one of the original watch towers in Castello Doria!  RIstorante Belforte is prized for its food and offers amazing views of the coast and the harbour, book a table here to soak up the atmosphere from above. The town offers endless attractions to fulfil your curiosity.

Monterosso al Mare

Home to the longest beach in Cinque Terre, Monterosso al Mare is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon watching the waves from your yacht rental. To the east of the town you can find the Church of San Francesco. This is a 17th century Capuchin monastery featuring fine art and stunning seascapes. Take a walk through Borgo Antico to see some of the town’s oldest buildings. Accompanying them are narrow streets, boutiques and balconies awaiting your exploration. 

Not too far from Cinque Terre is Portofino, a delightful harbour town

Other Must-See Sights During Your Cinque Terre Yacht Charter:


Just northwest of Cinque Terre, the Ligurian port town of Portofino is definitely worth a stop! Leave your yacht in Marina di Portofino and stroll east. This is the perfect place to capture the town’s sweeping panoramic. Luxury meets history here, with high-end boutiques and restaurants all sitting within view of Costello Brown. Take a tour of the beautiful church of Saint Georgio. Then, dine at Belmond Splendido Mare’s Chuflay Restaurant which sits in the middle of the harbour. The restaurant offers an excellent selection of local wine and is famed for regional specialities. These include home-made pasta served with traditional Genoese pesto sauce. Portofino is also the perfect stop when sailing southwards on your private yacht from the French Riviera.


Just southwest of Cinque Terre lies Portvenere, a coastal village near the regional capital of La Spezia. As you glide into the bay San Pietro Church is there to greet you, towering over you from the western cliff. Built in 1198, this is a focal point of Portovenere and one of the most popular sights. You can anchor in Porto di Portovenere and head into the town centre, where shops and restaurants line the streets.

To the west of the town is Grotta di Byron, a cave built into the rugged cliffs. There are some wonderful views of the water here and it has become a popular swimming hotspot, The locals also run tours to this area for anyone looking to discover the history of this quaint little town. Portovenere provides an untouched paradise, steeped in history and culture and would provide the perfect day trip during your Ligurian yacht adventure.

Yacht Charter Cinque Terre – How to Plan Your Trip:

Planning a yacht rental in Italy and Cinque Terre may seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry; 212 Yachts are here to make your planning carefree and enjoyable. Reach out to one of our expert charter brokers via email or telephone, and let us know your possible plans. We would love to know;

  • Your ideal dates
  • Your preferred port of departure and disembarkation
  • The number of guests with you
  • The number of cabins you require
  • The kind of charter you enjoy (active, relaxed, spontaneous etc)
  • Approximate weekly budget

Based on this information, we will be in a great position to advise the best yachts available to you, the best itinerary for your Italian yachting vacation, especially when you’re going for a Cinque Terre yacht rental, and to answer any other questions you may have. 212 Yachts have years of experience with global yacht rentals. Ranging from 20 metre yachts for a long weekend, to 70 metre super yachts for a month of cruising.

To begin planning your yacht rental Italy, contact our team today.

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